Are you searching for a range, nuke the whole screen playstyle around the Rogue? Well, this could it be! The Penetrating Shot Rogue is a relatively easy-to-know powerful build that scales very well into the end game. It is also among the best builds hanging around for pushing Nightmare Dungeons! There are many different tools and tactics you should use that assist to keep you safe while you unleash hell from a distance.

Penetrating Shot is a Core Skill that fires one massive, piercing arrow. Pretty easy even though this doesn't sound exciting in the beginning, whenever you spice up with Imbuements and also the Trickshot Aspect, your nuke involves life. As with most Rogue skills, maximizing its potential requires good positioning while you deal more damage the greater enemies you hit inside a line. Do so, and become rewarded by having a fireworks display of demon parts of the body.

Building with Combo Points to genuinely unleash hell naturally includes slower-paced strategical gameplay, but don't confuse this with being slow because this build continues to be agile in battle and traveling the planet. This is a very satisfying and rewarding build that needs some preparation in advance to maximize its potential which guide would be to teach you the easiest method to tackle the end game with Penetrating Shot! Let the fireworks begin!

Penetrating Shot

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?Penetrating Shot is the main ability. This Core Skill fires an enormous arrow inside a straight line that pierces all enemy targets. With the Trickshot Offensive Aspect, every enemy hit also releases two more shots at 90° angles using their position, absolutely annihilating big packs at the same time.

Rogue Specialization - Combo Points

Rogues can pick one out of three special passives that boost their play style. Since like other Rogue builds, Penetrating Shot is resource hungry with limited methods for Energy recovery, we choose Combo Points for high burst damage which scales very well with Penetrating Shot per point. You get slightly over double the amount of damage and extra lucky hit chance (as much as 30% more) at 3 Combo Points

Basic Skills (Forceful Arrow) have to build Combo Points, that are spent by Core Skills (?Penetrating Shot). For the best damage/Energy ratio you usually want to develop 3 Combo Points before using Penetrating Shot. Shooting pretty much more than 3 Combo Points leads to less damage overall. Later on, you unlock further synergies which make this Combo Point playstyle much more powerful with Condemnation and Aspect from the Expectant. Rapid Aspect and attack speed rolls work nicely in building Combo Points quicker for faster bursts, nevertheless, it can make it hard to manage your Energy.

You play just like a long-range Sniper. Use what you could to keep enemies away while lining them as much and achieve just as much damage as you possibly can with the Advanced Penetrating Shot passive. The more successful you're at lining up your shots, the quicker you clear enemies and loot.

Skill Usage/Rotation

Keep Dark Shroud activated all the time. It is the main supply of damage reduction along with a great supply of movement speed. Due to its high cooldown, you wish to try to dodge and steer clear of as much as you can, particularly the big hits. When it drops, you're squishy so always be around the move in battle.

Use your Agility Skill wisely. In the case of Caltrops, you wish to initiate with this particular after you gather a few enemies to keep your distance and supply additional damage modifiers. Use Dash or Shadow Step to reposition in the battle to avoid backing yourself right into a corner you can avoid. Both of these work in helping you relocate to a higher lineup Penetrating Shot.

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