The Baby In Yellow: Horror Game will make you rethink babysitting. The Baby In Yellow is a horror game that puts you in the role of a babysitter who has to take care of a very unusual child. The game consists of five chapters, each taking place on a different night. Your task is to follow the instructions on the screen and complete the basic tasks of a babysitter, such as feeding the baby, changing the diaper, and putting the baby to bed. However, things are not as simple as they seem, as the baby has some demonic powers and a sinister personality. He can teleport around the house, lift objects, and even transform into a terrifying creature.

The game has a dark and creepy atmosphere, enhanced by realistic 3D graphics and sound effects. Baby in yellow also has some jump scares and surprises that will make you nervous. The game isn't very long, but it does have some replay value, as you can find hidden collectibles and unlock secrets like new unexplored modes in the background. You can also interact with various objects in the house and see how your baby reacts.