Now, doctors are not restricted to the option of practicing at hospitals, only. The exposure today has allowed scholars from the field of medical science to apply for various positions in the healthcare industry. Therefore, the experience of the students can vary in the domain of healthcare and medical science. If you want to explore different career options that a student has after an MBBS degree then you have landed the right place. 

Doctor of Medicine

Although you are conferred with the salutation of Doctor once you complete an MBBS degree, there are other alternatives for the candidates in the field. If you think that specializing in a particular subject is better, then pursuing a Doctor of Medicine is worth your effort. 

Students can explore different streams as per their interests. As Anaesthesiology is a more popular choice among many students, the md in anaesthesiology colleges is gaining more attention from the students. Besides the same, there are other options like MD in Pediatrics, MD in General Medicine, MD in Pharmacology, and so on. 

Chief Medical Officer

The job of a CMO is a huge responsibility. Since you will be working at the district level, you hold the accountability to supervise the hospitals and healthcare facilities in the region. The Chief Medical Officer position can be applied for after clearing the MBBS exam. 

At an initial level, the selected applicant is hired as a Deputy Medical Officer. With time and experience, the candidate would be promoted to the position of Chief Medical Officer. It is one of the most dignified jobs for MBBS students in the government sector. 

Master of Business Administration

Many students opt to pursue MBA after MBBS for working as a Head of Administration in hospitals or healthcare and medical facilities. Even if you have pursued a specialization, you are still eligible to apply for MBA. For example, a postgraduate md in emergency medicine can apply for an MBA degree. 


The options are multiple for the candidates after completing a degree of MBBS. Also, the job options for doctors are dignified. Many students move ahead with the possibilities of running NGOs while some opt for private practice.