Amrine Excavation is one of the Expeditions in New World. Expeditions are instanced group activities that take place in closed off spaces with lots of formidable enemies and at the very least a Boss adversary. These types of games are designed to be played by a group of 3-5 players. Each one has its individual storylines, quests and challenges that players can take on. This page features guided information about how to tackle an Amrine Excavation Expedition, including walksthroughs, boss strategies, and tips, as well as details on loot and rewards.

It is believed that the Amrine Excavation was a dig site located just to the west of Amrine Temple and is where the renown archeologist Simon Grey and his team have been missing for some time. It's up to players to dive into the bowels of this defunct excavation site to find out the mystery behind their disappearance and find out the story behind the Ancient technology they unearthed. With a minimum level of 25 this game is intended to be an introduction experience to Expeditions. Players will be able to see that the mechanics of the puzzles difficulty and AI are adapted to suit.

What is the best way to Unlock your Amrine Extraction Expedition? Amrine Excavation Expedition

The players will undoubtedly encounter the Amrine Excavation along with its companion quest Destiny Unearthed through the main story questline. The lead up to the expedition begins by completing the quest for Forge Your Azoth Staff.

Preparation and Recommendations

Team Compositions:

The team needs designated Tanks to divide enemies into groups and generate massive amounts of threat to prevent mobs from running all over the place. This is particularly important when fighting bosses.

A minimum of one additional player who is able to use Taunt is recommendedto keep enemies off the Tank when they encounter specific enemies.

At least one person who has at least a Life Staff for dedicated healing is recommended. Alternately, sufficient self-healing capabilities are viable as well.

Things to bring with you:

1 Amrine Tuning Orb (consumed when you enter to the expedition; only one person within an entire group has to have a tuning device to allow the entire group to join in the expedition) - Note: You will be given Amrine Tuning Orbs for free at the start of each expedition's quests: Destiny Unearthed, Foreman's Ledger (Expedition) and Being Seeing Clearly (Expedition).

Azoth Staff Azoth Staff same staff used for closing Corrupted Breaches. It can be obtained by completing The Forge Your Azoth Staff quest which is available naturally as they progress in their quest on Aeternum.

Overview of Enemy:

The first half of the Expedition it is possible to be faced predominantly with ghosts and creatures that resemble zombies that could present a threat

Star Excavation Punisher - The most popular enemies type, these zombies are fast and aggressive. They will attack players randomly and take quick, two-handed swipes. Utilize Taunt-enabled abilities when you own them to organize these creatures into. They're not very high in health but a swarm of them can quickly take out players.

Star Excavation Retcher typically with Punishers and Punishers, the Retcher is a ranged defender who throws noxious projectiles at players from some distance. When it is in poor health it will Retcher will take a swift sprint, and put some distance between it and players. If other enemies are in the area the Retchers will move towards them.

Star Excavation Plaguegeist (Gold) and Star Excavation Faminegeist (Blue) Extremely aggressive ghosts, with extremely quick claw swipe combos. In comparison to the other two versions, the gold Plaguegeist is more tanky.

Star Excavation Withered Nest - These nests are living, stationary structures that continue to produce Punishers. If you see a nest within an area, pay full concentration on it before fighting other enemies lest you be swarmed.

Star Excavation Scavenger - These zombies are slightly slower versions of the Punisher. Although the Punisher is usually encountered in groups however, the Scavenger is usually found alone or in a single group among other adversaries.

Star Excavation Abomination gigantic, grounded bats deal heavy damage with their claw swipes. They will occasionally fly into the air and unleash a burst sonar attack that will knock down opponents within a radius around the beast.

Star Excavation Ravager - Ravagers are large brutes that charge players and suppress them by slamming them with powerful, heavy slams that can knock players to the ground. Ravagers can be difficult to eliminate due to their strong defenses and their constant, unsettling attacks but players can employ similar tactics against them. Attacks that are heavy and charged can be used to stagger Ravagers and reduce their endurance, putting them to become vulnerable for a period of time. Beware of their vomiting attack and the DoT impact on ground in a small radius for a period of time.


Destiny Unveiled: To be an Soulwarden, you'll require an Heartgem. Be brave and go through the Amrine Excavation and find one. (Quest Begin: Yonas Alazar in Monarch's Bluffs. This is part of the main story questline)

The Foreman's Ledger (Expedition) The goal is to collect the Foreman's Ledger in Amrine Excavation (Expedition). Report back with William Heron in Everfall when your work is done. (Quest Start: William Heron in Everfall)

Looking Clearly (Expedition) You can collect your antiquarian's Eyepiece in Simon Grey in Amrine Excavation for Antiquarian Pajitnova in Windsward. (Quest Start: Antiquarian Pajitnova in Windsward)

Bones to Barkimedes (Expedition) Simon Grey's dog Barkimedes is waiting for his master's return, and is very hungry. As you can see, the dog would like bones from Ravager bones to gnaw on. (Quest Begin: Barkimedes just outside the Amrine Excavation) - Note: This quest comes in 2 versions with the first one rewarding an item called Barkimedes' Puppy Housing item after successful completion, and then unlocking the second version that is a repeatable quest that awards a Level 25, Armor case.

First Segment Walkthrough

Goal Objet: Use to use the Azoth Staff to undo the Azoth Seal and unlock the gate.

You are able to enter the Expedition through a mine shaft. Make your way along the straight line until you come across your first Plaguegeist enemy , which is joined by a Scavenger. The first two mobs will be defeated without an effort. Follow the wooden walkway, turning right to where the Plaguegeist was and defeat both the Punisher and Retcher team. At the fork in the shaft, choose one option. Both of them take you to the same place. Beware of all the zombies that wander along the way.

Once you have entered the huge room, which has two statues with round objects, it is necessary to walk down to the main floor by stepping off the ledges on the walkway made of wood. There are some creatures in the room as well as an Abomination. Be on guard as the enemies grow more numerous from now on. In the dark corner behind the Abomination, there is an Withered Nest that will continue to generate Punishers until destroyed. Concentrate on this to stop the group from having to take on more waves than is necessary. A tip: The nest could easily be destroyed by a single person who has a big weapon while the others take on the Punishers who are already within the vicinity.

Head back to the statues. Prepare for a massive wave of enemies. There's a door in the back of this room. This is your goal. The race to the door will face you off with an abundance of Punishers, Retchers and an Plaguegeist and Faminegeist duo all at once. There's also a single Abomination to the left that can be skipped or saved for after the main set of enemies is defeated. The amount of enemies can be overwhelming for players who aren't experienced, therefore take your time and prioritize the geists because they cause more damage. Designated tanks with a taunt-enabled healing skill, healers, and AoE abilities will greatly cut down the time required to fight these enemies. After you've finished the fight, make your way to the door and unseal it using the Corruption's Bane Azoth Staff.

New Objective: Find Simon Grey's research into the Ancient's Technology.

Once you've completed the quest, go across the hall to the left to defeat the Plaguegeist. Below the steps is a fight with the first Ravager brute. Pull on the Punisher and Scavenger first to make sure you can narrow on bringing the Ravager down. Beware of its attacks on charge and treat it to some yourself. Keep healing the group in case it can lock you down in a combo. Keep an eye on the illuminated device located in the area. This is locked for now however you can revisit it in the future. Return up the steps and over the wooden platform. You can then look over the notes of the 'Breakthrough' mission on the crate for a new objective.

New Objective The new objective is to use the Azoth Staff in order to interpret the Azoth Scripts in the Excavated Caverns. Hidden within the Azoth Scripts is the key to unlocking this Bridge Mechana.

Go back down the ramp and then go around the wooden structure to find some sort of hallway. The end of the hallway is another Ravager one, a Faminegeist, as well as the Retcher. From this hallway, you can pull the Ravager first and not gain aggro on the other two for a more streamlined fight. There's a second illuminated device here, ignore it at the moment and proceed to the doorway. In the next room, there is the Faminegeist and the Punisher. After clearing them, you can mine the Soulspire located in the corner to obtain some items. Keep going up the slope and you'll find a stone monolith with glowing runes. That is what you will find. Azoth Script you are looking for. However, you'll have first eliminate all the creatures and the Nest close behind. Once cleared, you will be able to translate the script for another objective update.

New Objective: Find the Broken Vestibule. Its Azoth Script indicates a power source is located within the chamber.

Continue down the path, and in the next room, you will find the Plaguegeist on the left and another Nest filled with Punishers to the left. It is possible to pull them apart or in a group, based on your comfort but make sure you take out the Nest first. Proceed through the door on the right and you'll be in a spacious room, complete with some illuminated pillars.

New Goal: Reactivate The Vestibule seal to restore the Bridge Mechana.

There's a Faminegeist to the left, and there is a Nest later on. However, first get to the central platform . Then activate the device with an Azoth Staff. You'll be attacked by the enemies that are scattered throughout the room. Make your way to that Faminegeist and Nest from the beginning and fight off the monsters along the path. There's a second Nest located on the opposite side from the one you saw earlier. After clearing all enemies, proceed to the edge of the room. There you will come across a door located in its middle. This door should have been closed unless you activated the central mechanism. In the hallway, there is an Checkpoint Shrine and further ahead is the main room with those illuminated platforms. This one is the final one with a few mobs surrounding it.

New Objective: activate Bridge Mechana. Bridge Mechana.

Over the illuminated platform is a bridge that is broken. If you step on the platform, you will find it operational and is lit when you step on. Make two members from your group go back to the platforms you stumbled upon earlier, they are located by following the wood walkway to the left. When all three players are activated, a mystical bridge will appear at the top of the hill, allowing you to traverse. Be aware that an Plaguegeist and an Ravager will spawn on either of the earlier platforms and players must quickly recover and defeat them.

New Objective: Stop the Evil Eye and locate The Hallowed Candle.

After clearing, go back to the bridge which you will now be able to cross to discover a second Ravager as well as an Abomination with a few zombies. Remove the Zombies and Abomination first then you can focus down the Ravager all by yourself. Once he's dead the door at the back will be open leading to the Shrine Area, but before it, look into for the Nakashima Foreman's Toolbox located to the left. There you will discover the Hallowed Candle along with the Foreman's ledger to complete the Foreman's Ledger (Expedition) task.

New Goal New Objective: Place the Hallowed Candle over the Spectral Shrine.

This room also has a number of enemies that are patrolling. Pull the group of zombies towards the left but watch on the Retcher because it'll escape at a low health level, pulling other enemies towards you before you're prepared. Remove them first if you can. To the right is an Abomination, and in the middle of the room is a Plaguegeist and Ravager. It's recommended to get rid of them one by one. Go up the steps to the left of the room and then around the corner to find a couple of zombies and an Elite Supply Chest for some treasures and items. Retrace your steps back to the main hall and prepare for your primary boss (or miniboss) encounter of the Expedition. Put the candle in the shrine in the center to call Foreman Nakashima.