You must get in touch with Volaris customer support through phone or their website to modify the name on a flight. Volaris name change Your reservation number and the new passenger's name's exact spelling must be provided. If you need to change your name, Volaris might impose a fee; be ready to pay this amount. It is significant to note that some fares might not permit name changes, so check your booking information or contact customer care for clarity.

With Volaris' Name Change Policy, customers can easily change their names for any reason, including those related to the law. We will provide you with information on all the rules and regulations you should take into account when submitting a request for a name change, the airline's fine, and much more.

For the first time in 15 years, the low-cost airline Volaris from Mexico will alter its name. To celebrate the shift, the company will rebrand as Vuela Airlines and use a new logo and visual identity. According to Volaris, the change will provide the airline with a new identity that is in accordance with its growth, expansion, and strategic goal.