The commercial activity of the port of Cartagena de Indias was one of the most important in Spanish America since the 16th century, which is why it has inherited an important artistic and cultural legacy, Erotic Vacation In Dominican Republic in addition to its famous walls.

Cartagena, bathed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, is a city full of life and color, being considered by many the most beautiful in Colombia. Strolling through the old town and visiting La Puerta del Reloj, the formidable facilities of the San Felipe de Barajas Castle, the La Popa Convent, the colorful squares of Bolívar, La Trinidad, San Diego or Santo Domingo would be a great option. to start a morning of urban tourism. Walking through the streets of the Getsemani neighborhood will undoubtedly be a true explosion of colors before your eyes.


But if we want the sea, Erotic Vacation In Acapulco the right thing to do would be a yacht excursion to the Rosario Islands or the beaches of Cholón and Barú. Not forgetting a stimulating mud bath in the Totumo volcano.

The gastronomic options are varied both in their styles and in their presentations, since the city has extraordinary specialized restaurants, as well as native food that can be tasted in the middle of the street.

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