China Nicotinamide Physical Properties White crystalline powder, odorless or almost odorless, bitter taste. Easily soluble in water or ethanol, soluble in glycerol; almost insoluble in ether; soluble in sodium carbonate test solution or sodium hydroxide test solution, and the best stability in a solution with a pH value of 6. The melting point is 128-131掳C. Nicotinamide Application 1. Speed up the metabolism and promote the shedding of melanin-containing keratinocytes. 2. Act on the melanin that has been produced, reducing its transfer to surface cells. 3. Promote the synthesis of epidermal protein and improve skin texture. 4. Clinical prevention and treatment of pellagra, glossitis, stomatitis, photosensitive dermatitis and cosmetic dermatitis. Quality Standard Appearance: white crystalline powder Content: 99.0~101.0% pH: 5.5~7.5 Loss on drying: 鈮?.5% Melting point: 128~131鈩?/p> Ignition residue: 鈮?.1% Heavy metals: 鈮?0mg/kg Product DisplayChina Nicotinamide website: