IRCTC's name is one that we have all heard of or know something about it. It assists consumers in making online reservations for food service on trains as an authorized partner of the Indian Railways. Several e-catering providers are also permitted to supply food aboard trains by IRCTC. You can use their website or an app to place your order. One of the best irctc food order platforms is RailRecipe, which will let you place orders from your preferred eateries. And your dinner will be brought to your seat.

Thus, you won't need to bother about transporting meals. While riding a train, you can use the RailRecipe platform to order vegetarian, vegan, or even Jain food. And if this is your first time you may use their promo codes to obtain significant savings after spending some time on their website. You can also order a vegetarian or even a non-vegetarian thali on the train.

irctc food order

One of the most crucial factors to take into consideration when taking a train is pnr status. Passenger Name Record is the official name for PNR. The Indian Railways gave each passenger who purchased a ticket a 10-digit number. You may find out your current train status and seat reservation information, including coach or berth number, using pnr status. Using the RailRecipe platform, you can quickly check the pnr status of your train. "Check pnr status" is the name of the tool that they offer. You must enter the

10-digit number into their tool to check the status of the train, and they will then display all the information pertinent to your train. To efficiently organize your trip, you must frequently check your pnr status. You must go to the RailRecipe platform if you want to learn more about information relating to trains.