Madden 22 comes out cheap Mut 22 coins worldwide on August 20th, Friday. Get Madden 22 pre-ordered to receive three days of playtime on August 17th, the 17th of August. Pre-orders don't just grant you access to the game earlier game, but they also provide other benefits. We explain these below.

There are three versions of Madden 22 available to purchase: Dynasty, MVP and Standard. Each upgraded edition comes with additional perks and that's why they're more expensive. We'll discuss exactly what you get in each edition further down (all benefits only come with the pre-order).

The Standard Editionis available for purchase. Standard Edition if you do not play Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). The upgraded editions provide franchise bonuses, but only MUT players will be able benefit of them.

When fans reached an end of their patience last year because of the lack of updates to franchise mode, EA Sports finally listened and implemented some changes. EA Sports promises "more detailed staff management and skill tree progression systems, with comprehensive weekly game strategies that are integrated into your game plan" in franchise mode for Madden 22. EA Sports promises that franchise mode will keep improving throughout the year through "live service updates". They've already got one planned to launch in September, along with an update for the player scouting feature.

The Yard was introduced buy madden coins last year in Madden 21 and will be back next year with some minor improvements. The version for this year will come with new locations and a brand new ranking mode.