An emotional support animal or ESA dog is termed an animal that is used for the treatment of mentally ill people. It provides love, care and companionship to people suffering from mental illness. Emotional support animals help people in eliminating feelings of depression and loneliness. In order to keep an emotional support animal at home, people need an ESA letter which can be provided by a mental health professional. There are different animals that can be kept as an ESA such as dogs, cats, monkeys, pigs or even miniature horses so that assistance can be provided to the people struggling emotionally.

There are many benefits of an ESA letter as it allows you to live with ESA. It prevents the emotional support animal from all sorts of discrimination from the side of house owners. People do not have to pay extra for keeping an ESA at home. If you have an ESA letter you can even travel on a flight. There are many animals who are not allowed to travel on an aeroplane because they are dangerous. These animals include snakes, rodents, sugar, spiders, gliders and ferrets. So you need to be careful while choosing an emotional support animal for yourself.

People with mental health conditions may benefit from an emotional support animal (ESA) to help manage their symptoms and they can get ESA letter from very easily.

There is a list of 8 breeds of dogs that can be kept as an ESA in the apartment.


Greyhound is considered the fastest breed of dog. The average lifespan of this breed is around 10 to 13 years. This breed usually remains healthy throughout the rest of its life. This breed is susceptible to gastric torsion and bloat due to the presence of deep chests. It encounters these health issues only if it has a habit of fast eating. It is important to monitor the diet of this breed because it can be proven fatal.


Pugs are a very brilliant and friendly breed of dogs that have the ability to change your emotions within no time. They can easily sense different changes in emotions and moods and can do such things which can provide happiness to the owner. They can bring positivity to the life of the owner with their cheeky behaviours and good manners. This breed possesses a strong desire to make the owner happy whenever he feels low or sad. They are super energetic and can provide support to people of all ages.


If you are looking for such a breed of dog which consists of silky fur and big expensive eyes then Maltese is the best choice for you. Maltese is the life of the party whether it is the party between the owner and the dog. They can provide a soothing and comfortable vibe to the owner and help him in reducing the different symptoms of mental illness. It is important to keep Maltese insight because it is the breed of dog which gets stolen frequently.


This breed is known for its intelligence and hunting nature. It possesses a cat-like appearance and nature. They do not bark, instead make a yodelling sound. 13 to 14 year is the average lifespan of this breed and usually does not get different health issues. They sometimes can become the victim of hip problems and hypothyroidism.

People with mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression, can benefit from the emotional support and companionship provided by an ESA from realesaletter.

Lhasa Apso

This breed is very loyal to its owner. It can provide invaluable support and companionship to people with different types of mental disorders. They have a cheerful nature which helps to improve the mood of the owner. You can easily train this breed of dog to provide you comfort in different crises and anxiety attacks.


It is a kind of small package which consists of a lot of courage and intelligence. This breed has a lifespan of around 20 years. This breed does not usually become the victim of health issues and remains healthy throughout their lifetime. The most common health issues of this breed are heart and eye problems.

The Great Pyrenees

If you want to get quick relief from the symptoms of stress and depression then the great Pyrenees is the best choice for you. They have a lot of hairs in their body which provide a calming effect to the owner while hugging. One hug of this breed can help the owner to feel relaxed. They are not particularly active and are considered a calm and mellow breed. Their calm nature makes them suitable to be selected as emotional support animals.

Australian Cattle Dog

It is the most intelligent and athletic breed of dog. This breed can become your good hiking and running partner. The average lifespan of an Australian Cattle dog is 12 to 16 years. There are few health issues associated with this breed of dog. It can become the victim of ligament issues due to its active nature.

These are the eight breeds of dogs that can be kept at the house as emotional support animals. It is not difficult to get an emotional support animal letter for housing and an ESA letter for travelling for these breeds. They have the ability to improve both the physical and emotional health of the people. Before choosing among these breeds, make sure to choose one whose behavioural characteristics match your personality. If you choose the wrong breed it can deteriorate your mental health instead of improving it. Different websites can be used to get information about different breeds of dogs that can be kept in the apartment as an ESA.

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