Emotional support animals play a significant role in eliminating the symptoms of mental illness due to their therapeutic properties. They reduce feelings of depression and loneliness among people by providing them love, support and companionship. They are not only associated with the improvement of mental and emotional health but physical health as well. You need an emotional support animal letter to keep ESA at home. For better results, live with your ESA and whenever you travel, keep your ESA with you at all times.

After a complete examination of the mental condition of the people, different mental health professionals provide an ESA letter to them. For the provision of an ESA letter, mental health professionals should have a license of the state in which they are living. In the absence of a license, an ESA letter will not be considered valid and will get nullified. Primary care physicians and registered nurses can also provide an ESA letter to the people. After getting an ESA letter, the next step is to find a good ESA for you.

Always get such breeds of dog to keep as ESA which are more active and energetic. Avoid choosing the laziest breeds because they will make you slow as well and will not help in the improvement of mental and physical health. Here is the list of the laziest breeds of dogs that you should avoid getting as your emotional support animal

Basset Hound

It is included in the nature of Basset hounds to stay on the bed for a very long time and refuse the owner to move to do any trick. Basset Hounds are included in the laziest breeds of dogs and many people believe that it makes them incredibly charming. They cannot accompany you in jogging and regular exercise if you keep them as your ESA.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

It is an adaptable breed of the dog, but he will never adopt the personality of his owner. This breed will follow you happily if you are doing nothing instead of lying on the bed. They possess a calm nature and avoid all kinds of hunting and efforts which other breeds do to take food. They completely rely on their owners to carry out their different activities.

French bulldog

It is such a breed that will follow the path of its owner without asking any questions. They are a good breed of dog to keep at home or apartment because they have a light tone of barking. These pups do not like to go for a walk or carry out any activity due to which they can easily gain weight. If you are planning to have a French bulldog, it will be really hard to indulge him in exercise and walk.


The most favourite activity of this breed is to sit in your lap and to get all your love and attention. He will prefer to sit on the couch whether he can get fit on it or not. These breeds of dogs have acted as watchdogs in Europe for many years. They are ideal to be kept as a family pet due to their friendly nature with other kids and animals, but they are not a good option for an ESA.

Obtaining an ESA letter from a reputable provider like realesaletter can be an important step for individuals seeking to receive the benefits of having an emotional support animal.

Tibetan Spaniel

These breeds of dogs always remain ready to become good friends of their owners. The aim of these dogs is to please their owner and they can do anything for it. Generally, these dogs like to rest instead of keeping their owners active, so you should avoid getting them as an ESA.


It is a very calm and patient kind of breed of dog and it has been termed by different people that it remains affectionate with all members of the family. This breed provides proper attention and love to the family but it avoids doing any kind of physical activity. It is such a lazy breed that it cannot even go for a regular walk or exercise. Owners have to compel them to make them participate in different physical activities.


Greyhounds can be described as such a breed of dogs that are super-fast once they get a good spirit in a while. In case of lack of good spirit, they cannot help themselves to get out of bed for some physical activity. They carry out different lazy activities in their life due to which they cannot be kept as service animals. They can prove good to provide emotional support to the people who are suffering from mental illness. But the owner will have to work a lot to make this breed work for his mental and physical health.

An ESA, or Emotional Support Animal, can provide comfort, companionship, and a sense of calm to people who suffer from mental or emotional disorders, with an ESA letter from real esa letter being a valuable resource.

Senior Rescue

By looking at the speed and activities of this breed, it is difficult for this breed to analyze whether it has more or low. Instead of going out for a walk or exercise, this breed of dog loves to watch the marathon on the TV. If you want such a dog that can be good for snuggling, then you can adopt a senior rescue. It prefers a lazy lifestyle and requires a lot of your time to spend with. They require a comfortable bed to rest and snuggle with their owners.

All these are known for their lazy activities and many of them can be considered to keep as an ESA if you love calm and patient breeds. You can easily get an ESA letter for housing and an ESA letter for travelling for these dogs so you can easily live at home and travel with them through airlines.

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