It is very important to understand the pumps availability and their operation specifications along with fluid to material compatibility. Agricultural sprayers are pumps designed to push or pull liquefied tank contents out to Pressure Sprayer Manufacturer’s spray nozzle at certain flow rates and pressure measurement.
Now the basic question is what is the need of use of sprayers pump? The answer is simple as these are widely used as field sprayers, herbicide and weed killer application, roadway maintenance, high pressure and target spot spraying and many more uses in production spraying.
In today’s agricultural industry many variants of sprayer pumps are available that are engineered with application versatility and power drive options. Some common types are: centrifugal, roller, transfer, piston and irrigation-injection. These sprayers have following differential specifications:
· Sizing and installation dimensions
· Pressure pump
· Manufacturing material
· Power drive options
· Mounting and rotation option
Here in this blog we are going to brief you considering points at time of selection of correct spray pump:
1) You must well aware of pump’s overall intended use as where it is going to be used as power sprayer fertilizer application, water deliver and herbicide irrigation.
2) Must consider specific pump needs as pressure required for vertical, Horizontal clearance; capacity of pump for de-watering and transfer.
3) Pump’s orientation, installation and overall GPM
4) Compatibility of pump material with chemicals, fertilizers, powders and granules.
5) The weather conditions in your area
6) The size of the area to be sprayed
7) The time estimate and money desired to spent, always try to invest in the best quality and better efficiency for the target job.
Spray Pump
Most common Types of sprayers are:
Backpack Sprayers- Mostly common variety is knapsack power sprayer is used for small repeated chemical control and pest maintenance. These are operated independently and with high mobility.
Spot Sprayers- Used for great perimeters and structure applications.
Boom Sprayers- These are used in food plots, roadways and smaller farms.
Boomless Sprayers- Mostly used on tall grass, high tree density, and bulk weed elimination, fire control and fence lines.
Cart Sprayer Manufacturers's Mist Sprayers- commonly used for fruit applications, orchards and vineyards and flying insect control