With Eid-al-Fitr, Muslims all over the world celebrate the end of Ramadan. But what is the Islamic event, exactly? This article is meant to help our Muslim brothers and sisters understand the Ramadan Umrah Packages 2023 that we are offering. Islamic travel is one of the well know agencies in UK. Islamic Travel offers Cheap umrah Packages from UK with business class flights & luxury hotels for families. Eid-al-Fitr was also written down and spoken as Eid-ul-Fitr is the first of the two holidays that Muslims celebrate each year. It makes changes to the month of Ramadan, which Muslims observe every year to remember when Allah gave the Holy Quran to the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. On the main 1st of Shawwal, people praise the end of the fast that lasts from sunrise to sunset. It happens earlier than the Gregorian calendar, which is based on the sun.

When is Eid-al-Fitr?

The exact date is never known a long time in advance because strict experts in different countries use the location of the Eid crescent moon to say when it will start. It usually gets pushed back a day if the sky is too bright when the moon is out or if mists cover it. This is also why Ramadan can start on different days in different parts of the world. People are not allowed to fast on this day, even if they want to.

For what reason is Eid-al-Fitr celebrated?

After a month of fasting and thinking about God, Eid-al-Fitr is a time to celebrate. Muslims get together with their family and friends to show their gratitude to God. The holiday is a great reminder for Muslims to be thankful for what they have and to help those who might not be as fortunate.

How is Eid-al-Fitr celebrated?

Muslims give a required amount to a charity called Zakat al-Fitr. This is their way of showing gratitude. But this is a smaller gift than the standard 2.5 percent zakat that Muslims with a lot of money have to pay. This is another one of Islam's five most important ideas. Kids get Eidi gifts in the form of money envelopes and sweets. For example, people trade cookies and dates with their friends, family, neighbours, coworkers, friends, and even strangers. Relatives also give each other gifts, but most of them are for the youngest people in each family. All over the world, big events are held to celebrate Eid-al-Fitr.

What does the Eid Mubarak greet mean?

Muslims will say "Eid Mubarak" to each other, which means they have a favourite day during Eid. It is said on both Eid days and is the usual way to greet a Muslim when you meet them on Eid. Many people who aren't Muslim but know what the greeting means say "Eid Mubarak" to say hello on this special day. when they are with Muslim friends and companions.

Eid supplications

Muslims usually put on clothes when they go to their nearby mosque, just like when they sign petitions. It's a time when some people have their first breakfast during the day in a month. Before sunrise, the Salaat ul-Fajr prayer is said, and then it's a good time to take a shower before the Eid prayer, which is also called Salaat al-Eid. Since Salaat al-Eid is only done twice a year, the imam in charge of the group will usually explain how to pray this specific prayer before it starts.