Panty Liners factory 1. Organic bamboo and corn fiber top layer -- natural antibacterial biodegradable surface layer, to prevent self-source bacterial pollution, skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, odor removal, natural material without addition, more environmental protection, more healthy. 2. "Airlaid paper -- It is preferred to imported biodegradable airlaid paper, made of wood pulp, fully wrapped absorbent paper, accelerate absorption, softer, improve the comfort of the towel, and love naturally without adding." PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Disposable Panty Liner Model Number Absorbency/pc Length(mm) Weight/pc Packing Pcs/20ft container Pcs/40ft container (ml) (g) Pcs/pack & pack/ctns SR155 10 155 1.8 20*48 1770000 3982500 SR180 80 180 2.7 18*40 1380000 2890000 SR190 90 190 3.7 15*44 1108000 248900 SR240 100 240 7 10*36 400000 900000 SR285 150 285 8 8*36 338000 760500 SR305 180 305 10.3 10*48 280000 590000 SR350 200 350 12.8 6*28 230000 490000 SR410 250 410 15.4 5*30 200000 420000 Test Report No. Item Index Test Results Item Conclusion 155mm Disposable Panty Liner 1 PH 4.0-9.0 7.4 Qualified 2 Moisture(%) 鈮?0 2.35 Qualified 3 Water absorbtion rate 鈮? 7.7 Qualified 4 Permeable capacity(g) 鈮?.8 - Qualified 5 The total number of bacterial colony 鈮?00 not detected Qualified 6 The total number of fungal colony 鈮?00 not detected Qualified 7 Coliform bacteria not detected not detected Qualified 8 Pathogenic Purulent Bacteria, Pesudomonas Aeruginosa not detected not detected Qualified 9 Pathogenic Purulent Bacteria, Staphy Lococcus not detected not detected Qualified 10 Pathogenic Purulent Bacteria, Streptococcus Hemolyticus not detected not detected Qualified PRODUCT FEATURE: Plant fiber surface layer of 鈥斺€?bamboo fiber Raw materials: natural bamboo Degradation and environmental protection: the products made of bamboo fiber can be made naturally degraded in the soil, no pollution to the environment, combustion, almost no nitric oxide production. Renewable resources: short growth term, 2-3 years can be formed and a planting long-term operation. Functional fiber: with good air permeability, instant water absorption, strong wear resistance and good staining properties and other characteristics, with natural antibacterial, antibacterial, mite removal, odor prevention and anti-ultraviolet function. PRODUCT QUALIFICATION: 1. Have export experience in the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Australia, Africa, UAE, Asia, etc. 2. We specialize in all different kinds of hygiene product: baby diaper, adult diaper, sanitary napkin, panty liners, etc.. 3. Large-scale manufacturing facility covering a total area of 30,000 square meters. FAQ: Q1: Do you have samples of your packaging? Can u send the samples along with the pads? A1: Yes we usually use colorful paper box. I will include samples for your reference. Q2: For Type 2 pads what is the time the pad takes to biodegrade like number of months or years. A2: About 6 months-1 years to be 95% biodegradable under the condition of nature, the soil/sand and specific conditions, or under anaerobic digestion conditions or water-based culture medium, by naturally occurring microorganisms cause degradation, and eventually complete degradation to carbon dioxide, water and elements contained inorganic salts. Q3: Would it be possible to have some samples from the pads in different sizes and liners that are most biodegradable? And how many would it be possible to receive? A3: Yes we can provide some Free Samples for you, but the courier fee is always covered by customers. We usually send about 10 pcs per size. So how many pieces do you need? We will consider and try to satisfy you. Q4: How many pad box fit in on big gift box and how many gift box in one carton box? A4: What kind gift box do you need? Our quote didn't include any middle box. Only include inner paper box and outer carton. And about 75boxes per carton. Q5: What is absorbency for fluffy napkins for 290 mm, thin napkin for 290mm and thin napkin for 290mm? How can i increase the absorbency more than 140ml? A5: Both absorbency is about 140ml. if you want to increase it, then we can add more SAP. And the price will: be increased accordingly. Panty Liners factory website: