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Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a facility that is not an apartment building.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a facility that is not an apartment building.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a location for short-term and longer-term stay, too. It is also used by families that want to live in this region because they enjoy the surroundings of the park and its proximity to surrounding areas such as Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Sheikhupura.

Our apartments are split into three categories.

Our apartments are split into three categories.

  • Serviced Apartments Services: These are short-term apartments for businessmen and public officials.They have all the amenities , including a swimming pool gymnasium and tennis court. The rent is above the amount of Rs. 50,000 per month with a security deposit of Rs. 20,000 (which will be returned once you vacate the apartment). The apartments take about four months to be completed from date of booking until the time you are ready to move in, so be sure to get in touch with us if you would like to stay for a longer timeframe!
  • Long-term Serviced Apartment: Come with all amenities including swimming pool, gymnasium and tennis court., but can be rented by individuals for investment purposes or as a as a second residence on long lease terms - up to 10-years or longer based on location preferences and other factors..The properties have been constructed in accordance with international standards. They offer the best value when contrasted with conventional developments , and may require a much longer time before completion due to the inability of financing in the current situation.

Our first apartment serviced for short-term stay for businessmen and government officials.

Our first is our serviced apartments designed for a short-term stay for businessmen and government officials. They come with all the modern amenities you would expect from hotels but at a more affordable price. One of the best things about these services-based apartments is that you can book them online with just several clicks.

There is a different version of this option called "serviced flats", which are specifically designed for people who would like to live in Islamabad but do not want to pay too much for rent or even buying a home.

The second, long-term care apartment, is equipped with all the amenities and can be leased out to individuals.

Serviced apartments come with all the amenities and are let by private individuals. They're typically located in a high-rise and offer easy access to the main streets of the city as well in its numerous eateries, cafes and entertainment outlets. In addition , they have everything the amenities you require for your stay, serviced apartments also offer excellent value for money as they are close to a number of luxury hotels that usually offer free shuttle services from their buildings towards the heart of Islamabad - so you don't need to be concerned about getting lost!

The long-term apartments have been designed with luxurious furniture such as marble floors, large doors that bring in lots of light. Separate bathrooms that have showers (or baths) as well as showers, WCs (washing machines) & bidets; flat-screen TVs that are mounted on walls or closets with air conditioning units in every room...and much more!

The 3rd type of apartments are our brand new residences that we are making on a limited basis.

The 3rd type of apartments is our new-build residences that we are developing on a limited basis. These are apartments for people who wish to reside in an apartment that includes all the amenities and services like gymnasiums or swimming pools as well as playgrounds for children.

The homes will be located within the city of Islamabad with easy access to public transportation systems including taxis and buses.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad has a variety of types of apartments that can meet your needs

The houses that Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers are quite a variety that you can pick the one that is most suitable to your requirements and budget. Many of them are near major shopping centers such as The Mall, Millenium City and Azadi Market. Others are located in residential areas like Gulberg as well as Cantonment.

Here's a short list of the types of apartments that are located in Kingdom Valley Islamabad:

  • Apartment with Balcony
  • Apartment with Patio or Terrace (with Balcony)
  • Luxury Apartment

These kinds of homes come in different sizes based on what type is being offered, ranging from one bedroom and up to four rooms! They also have various amenities including swimming pools, gyms and child care centers which makes them ideal for families who need somewhere comfortable for their children/grandchildren during weekends when parents go out together as well as evenings when adults take advantage of having more time off work by spending quality time together instead!


The answer is yes. The majority of apartments and homes in Islamabad are newly constructed and offer luxurious peace and security. Riyadh, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi or Dubai are world class cities that were designed and planned according to the latest eco-systems that safeguard every single person as well as their cities from all types of human-made and natural disasters.

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