While shark cordless is a top notch vacuum cleaner, it might keep turning off sometimes. To save your money and the hassle, you should know how to easily fix this problem yourself.


Shark cordless is a powerful, lightweight and versatile vacuum cleaner. Its latest versions give you highly powered cleaning as they support MAX mode. Unlike other vacuum cleaners, shark cordless produces low noise while in use making them all the more edgy. Check more information shark cordless keeps turning off - How to fix


Despite all these notable features, shark cordless has a few drawbacks. For example, it can get quite annoying when your shark cordless keeps turning off abruptly. Luckily, this is something that you can easily solve at home. You do not need to go for a replacement or seek a professional’s help. All you need to do is bring out your toolbox and put in a little elbow grease.


If your shark cordless keeps turning off, it could either be because of the battery, blockages or electrical faults.




Because a shark cordless does not require you to plug it to an outlet using wires, you need to constantly check on the battery. If it keeps turning off, it could possibly be because the battery has run out of juice.


To fix this, make sure the battery is fully charged before inserting it into the vacuum. You can know you are running out of battery charge when you see a flashing indicator go off. Most models will notify you when the battery needs a boost.




Remember that like all other electric appliances, the parts degrade over some time. For instance, the battery on your shark cordless will eventually need replacing after some time.


A bin replacement every so often is recommended. If your shark cordless does not keep turning off with your bin not attached, that a new bin might be needed.




If you have checked that there is nothing wrong with your battery, blockages could be the reason why your shark cordless keeps turning off. To diagnose and fix this, here are the steps you can follow.


Step 1- Clean out the bin


Check the bin. If this bag is full, your vacuum cleaner will keep cutting out. Other times, the bin might not even be full but the cleaner perceives it to be so. In both cases, shark cordless will not work smoothly.


To fix, empty the bin. Make sure all the debris is out. It is important to be thorough because any obstructions limit proper air flow through the cleaner. Without this, issues with remaining on become common.


You can also go ahead and use a flat, blunt object to really reach all areas. Check if there are any particles stuck in the bin’s inlet. They could be greatly interfering with your vacuum’s performance.


Step 2- Check filters


A shark cordless has many filters that trap dust and other particles. This protects the motor from knocking up because of such debris. Some filter examples are the air filter and the exhaust filter. When your product starts turning off, you ought to have a look at your filters.


First, remove the filters and see if the vacuum can work well without them. If it does, you can be sure you need to thoroughly clean them out.


To clean, you need to switch off the machine and tear apart the compartments. For the filters, run them through lukewarm water without using any added detergents. Do this for a few minutes then leave them out to dry for at least 24 hours. You want to be sure the filters are properly dried before placing them back to the vacuum.


Once you have done this, start up the vacuum again. If it is not back to running properly, you might need to check the dust bucket next.


Step 3- Empty dust bucket


A shark cordless that will still not work well after these steps could be because of a full dust bucket.


For your shark cordless to work well always, make sure you regularly empty the dust bucket as well. Disconnect the vacuum from power then detach the bucket by pressing the release button. Using a moist microfiber cloth, give the bucket a good cleaning. Leave it out to dry then place it back to position.


Step 4- Check hose


Often, debris stuck in your vacuum hose can stop it from running continuously. To check if there are any blockages in your hose, first detach it completely from the handle. Once you have done that, there are three ways to go about this.


First, you can shine a flashlight through one end of the hose and check if the beam can be easily seen on the other side. Secondly, use a broom handle to unclog any debris. Thirdly, throw a large enough coin through the hose. If the coin does not easily pass through to the other side, your hose can be the reason why your shark cordless keeps turning off.


To fix, you can pry inside the hose with a long stick. By doing this, you can be sure of moving whatever might be stuck inside.


Step 5- Clean the brush roll


Every so often, clean your brush roll. They are usually easy to detach and all you need to do is remove anything that might have become lodged.


Finally, a shark cordless may keep turning off because of electrical issues. Since wiring can be a bit complex, you can take your cleaner to a professional to have a look. A telltale sign that your shark cordless has issues with electrical is when it easily overheats.




If your shark cordless keeps turning off, these are some of the ways to fix it. Be sure to follow the instructions to the letter and have your manual nearby.


In a nutshell, check the status of your battery and clear the vacuum of any debris. Have a look at the filters, bin, dust bucket, hose and brush roll.


If you have tried all the tips above and your shark cordless keeps turning off, it might be time for a replacement. No matter the price tag or brand you prefer, all vacuum cleaners need replacing (at least of some parts) after a reasonable amount of time.