Jordan Sale USA painted two-dimensional Pokemon Little Fire Dragon Jordan / Jordan AIR JORDAN MID 1 AJ1 ヒ ト カ ゲ small fire dragon debut, the orange flame shoe body is dazzling, the toe design has small fire dragon tooth details, and the flame swoosh logo shows that the small fire dragon is unique Attributes, as the first generation of Pokémon game characters, many little beasts in the minds of many players.

Owen 6th-generation Egyptian scarab pink blue Boston fashion famous Concepts and Nike jointly created, the color inspiration is still derived from ancient Egyptian elements,Concepts x Nike Kyrie 6 is pink and blue, and the left and right tongues are printed with the words Concepts and Owen ’s personal logo From the point of view of release time, the joint identity of the shoes is likely to be the original Christmas boots of Irving. The color matching inspiration is still derived from ancient Egyptian elements. The shoe body is pink and blue. The left and right tongues are printed with Concepts and Owen ’s personal logo, which shows the joint identity of the shoes! Judging from the release time, it is likely that Owen's original Christmas boots.

Jordans 2019 Shoes major ride-sharing units, UNDERCOVER and sacai, used Nike Daybreak shoes as the original models to create UNDERCOVER x Nike Daybreak and sacai x Nike LDWaffle shoes. Nike certainly took the opportunity to inject the classic version into different color schemes to attract. And the action that followed Nike is to incorporate the experimental plan branched out earlier, and incorporate Nike Daybreak into the "N.354" series, adding modern creativity and design to the aesthetics of the original shoe file, just like Blazer earlier. , Air Force 1 and Huarache. This time Nike ushered in two color settings, one black and one white. The upper still has mesh material and leather material. The Swoosh logo is changed to sewing with the thread, and the heel is reinforced, adding a lot to the entire pair of shoes. detail.