This Agriculture Manual Sprayer  is widely used in agricultural and garden for spraying insecticides
and herbicides and also used in household sterilization and in public environment protection.
No leakage, high efficiency, chemical saving, precise spraying!
Detailed Features:
1) Main material: high quality plastic PP.
2) The tank is ergonomically designed according to human body, so the operator will not feel heavy even after long time working.
With wide tank opening for quick filling. With water level indication on the tank. With stirrer in the tank to stir the liquid.
3) Scientifically designed large volume air chamber, makes the spraying labor saving, high efficiency and quick pressure arising.
4) Chrome plated S.S spray lance or brass spray lance will never get rusty.
5) Adjustable brass cone nozzle supplied for spraying pesticides and fan nozzle supplied for spraying herbicides
6) Rocker bar can be operated on left or right side.
7) Rocker bar fixer can fix the rocker bar and spray lance for easy carrying and storage.
8) On/off trigger valve with lock catch for continuous spraying. Trigger is made of S.S for longer life.
9) Reinforced PVC spray hose for long life use.
10) With comfortable and adjustable carrying straps.
11) Each unit supplied with a parts kit (piston ring, O-ring, gasket, etc.)
12) Tank color and printing can be customized. OEM acceptable.