Iron oxide pigments are widely used pigments, whether in building materials, coatings, ceramics, or rubber, plastics, cosmetics and other industries, iron oxide pigments can occupy a place. So why are iron oxide pigments so popular? Today, let's discuss the advantages of iron oxide pigments, which can lead the world of pigments.

First of all, we will introduce the general properties of iron oxide pigments: as a widely used pigment, it has a high degree of chemical stability, and its acid and alkali resistance improves its use in the construction industry. Iron oxide pigments have good weather resistance without discoloration under strong sunlight exposure, but after exceeding the limit temperature of iron oxide pigments, its color will gradually change, and it will change with the change of temperature.

In addition, from the color of iron oxide red: the color of iron oxide pigment is very attractive, without adding other pigments, and it will not be as bright and dazzling as some organic pigments, it is very clear and pure, with unique Flavor, soft and harmonious tones are more suitable for residential painting, and the unique charm makes people fall in love with it.

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