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Types of divorce in California

Like any other family law matter, divorces are unique and complex. We have handled numerous divorce cases of all types. Let the past experience of Orange County Divorce Lawyers like Dolores Lopez help you achieve all of your divorce goals.

These are the main types of divorce recognized in California:

1) Contested divorce

A contested divorce is when both parties cannot agree on the points of the divorce, often leading to bitter and protracted court battles.

2) divorce by mutual agreement

An uncontested divorce occurs when both spouses agree on all points of the divorce and are ready to resolve the issue amicably. These divorces can be resolved through mediation.

3) Cancellation

An annulment occurs when the court decides that a marriage is null and void.

4) Legal separation

Legal separation occurs when spouses do not want to divorce but need to live apart from each other. It keeps the marriage intact and paves the way for deciding how assets will be distributed between them.

5) Dissolution of Domestic Partnership

Dissolution of a domestic partnership is when two partners who are not married want to separate. The dissolution of a household follows the same process as a divorce.

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