Saudi Arabia is a country that got recognition due to its religious sites, but the country’s management is now focusing on the tourism industry. Now there are multi places that attract many tourists from across the world to this beautiful country. This country is rich in numerous historical and cultural sites that showcase the whole story. Muslims usually travel for Umrah or Hajj in Saudi Arabia. Many tour operators are providing packages such as 5-star Ramadan Umrah packages 2023 to attract pilgrims. By availing of such packages, Muslims can not only perform Umrah but also travel to visit the amazing places in Saudi Arabia. Here we will discuss some of these places that must visit while traveling to this beautiful country.


This is one of the most sacred places in the world. As the house of Allah SWT is the center of attraction for all Muslims. Muslims wish to visit the house of Allah SWT, once in their life. Beautifully designed Masjid-al-Haram is worth watching, where Muslims gather around the Kaaba while performing Tawaf and Prayers. This spiritual view is just remarkable.

2- Masjid-Al-Nabwi:

Medina city is the second most sacred place after the Kaaba for Muslims due to the resting place of our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW. This Roza-e Rasool is located in the heart of the city and the beautiful masjid-al-Nabwi is constructed along this Roza-e-Rasool. The architecture of this masjid is consist of multi rules representations as Turkish architecture is old but incredible to watch.

3-Medina Museum:

This museum exhibit the long range of historical background of Medina city’s culture and its Islamic history. Showcasing numerous historical and hidden secrets of Medina is the real worth of this museum, such as Model of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW’s mosques and Roza. This place is worth watching.  


This city is considered one of the naturally beautiful cities in the country, where mountains and famous farms, and filed of roses attract many tourists to this city. The best time from March to August is remarkable to visit this astonishing city full of natural and thrilling adventures.


This is a small town consisting of over 275 KM in the South of Jeddah city. This place is famous for its marine life, diving adventures, and amazingly clear water port site.

6- Riyadh City, King Abdulaziz Historical Center:

The national museum of Saudi Arabia is the center of attraction for each and every history student. This place reflects the antiques and cultural life of the people of Saudi Arabia. From ancient times to the current development all story is told by this historical museum.


This site is known as the first listed UNESCO world heritage of Saudi Arabia. The tombs of the Nabatean People and many more historical sites make this place one of the greatest historical sites in Saudi Arabia.

8-Edge of the World:

This place is around 800KM long Jebel Tuwalq Incline. This is one of the world’s most enormous places to visit as real gaudiness is required to visit this magical site.

9- Half Moon Beach:

this is a private beach owned by Saudi Aramco near the Khobar area of the country. The great scenic views of the beach are amazing to watch. The best time can be spent at this beach with family and friends.  

10- Al-Soudah:  

This is one of the most popular spots to visit as watching peaks and camping in the mountains are remarkable. Views from the sites are amazing, especially watching the sunsets through the peaks are astonishing.

All the above-mentioned places are just awesome to visit without any doubt. Tourist can fulfill their dreams in this beautiful country by visiting such places. Muslims who are living in London can avail special Umrah packages like Cheapest Umrah packages 2023 from UK to visit such remarkable sites.