Huuuge Bet: Participating in Events and Joining the Billionaire League

Huuuge Bet is not just a game to enjoy your time, but it has lot more to offer like participating in online events, as well as, joining a billionaire league. So, if you are not known to these features of Huuuge Bet, then no need to worry as this guide is made for you to help you in understanding about events and billionaire league.

Participating in Events

It is good to play normal games at HuuugeBet casino slots, but the game developers know that users always want more fun and activity so they have made it more attractive by introducing special events for the game. Such events allow you to earn more chips and diamonds by completing given tasks with a certain timeline. So, whatever you earn from normal gameplay can be doubled by winning additional rewards while participating in different events.

So, when you join an event at HuuugeBet casino and play the game through that event by following the given rules and regulations, you earn extra chips, as well as, tickets. These chips and tickets are automatically added to your total. Sometimes, it may happen that you earn a reward, and it may not reflect in your account. If you are facing any of such situations, then it is advised to restart your application, and when you will get back after the restart, you will see that rewards are added to your account.

Some of the famous in-game events can be Sky Hunt, as well as, Candy Chase. These events can be played for a limited period of time so you need to play well to earn moves, as this would allow you to move forward on the map. If you want to show more progress on the map by advancing to next stages, then you will need more moves, which you can earn by participating in different events. If you are not able to won moves in these events, you have an option to purchase moves by selecting a set of rewards, which includes few moves as well.

Every cell on the map comes with different rewards, so when you are in an event and moving forward on the map with moves, you tend to win a lot of rewards such as lottery tickets, diamonds, and chips. So, it is more exciting and rewarding for you to participate in these in-game events as much as possible.

Joining the Billionaire League

It is mentioned earlier that it is not just about playing solo, rather you can play with friends, and the next best news is that you can build your own team and play against other teams to be a part of the billionaire league. If you already know any famous club, then you can search its name in the search bar of the HuuugeBet casino, and become a member of that club.

However, if you don’t want to join an existing club, then you can also create your own club. You can make a club, and then send invitations to friends to join your club so that you can play together as a team. However, when you will make your own club, there will be a cost to bear which is 2,000,000. So, make sure that you have this amount ready in your account.

So, when you play the league as a club, you earn more rewards, and when you earn more rewards, you get better standing in the billionaire league. The bigger wins as a club can earn you more league points. The normal criteria of winning a single point of league is to earn 100,000 chips. It means that earning more chips as a team will give you more points, and this is how you can be on top of the billionaire league defeating other clubs.

If you want to leave or remove the club for any reason, then you can find the Leave Club button in the main menu. So, you can lick this option to leave the club. However, you must know the fact that when you leave the club, all league points earned by you will be lost.