If you are a HP printer user, then you might come across or stuck with an error called the HP printer failure message. In this article we will see the possible reason for this error message along with the available solutions to help you get back your HP printer back to its normal working state.

Reasons behind printer failure message

The printer failure alert will be seen as a pop-up in the computer screen on connection attempt with the printer and the computer. This error may appear due to several reason and few of them we will list below for a quick reference process.

  • Improper cable connection
  • Damaged cables and slots
  • Corrupted or outdated device drivers
  • Irrelevant or improper network signals
  • Recent software updates

These errors will hinder the consecutive communication between the printer, router and the computer which establishes the printer failure message.

Troubleshooting guide for HP printer failure:

Inspect the printer connections

Check every cable connected between the printer and the computer, then printer to the power outlet and computer to the power outlet. Also, check the network cables between the printers, computer and the router. You can also try changing the wall outlet. If needed replace your old and damaged cables with a new one.

Check the carriage path

You can use a torch light to check the carriage path. Check and remove any paper or dirt disturbing the normal movement of the carriage inside the printer. This may resolve any HP printer paper jam error.

Load enough ink and paper

Always it is good to verify that you are having enough ink and paper loaded in your printer to avoid any kind of hp printer malfunctions.

Try restarting your device

Once done the above steps, unplug the printer power cord from the wall outlet while it’s still on. Then wait for few minutes before connecting the power cord and turning on your printer. Similarly restart your computer device. Then try printing to see if the issue has resolved or not

Make sure there is no HP printer offline issue

  • Click the start button and select control panel
  • Then select Devices and Printers option
  • From the following list of devices, choose your printer name
  • Right click on the device and check the status
  • If it is in not a ready state, you can select Use Printer Online option to get over the Hp printer offline issue.

Confirm that your HP printer driver and software are updated

The irrelevant, corrupted and outdated HP printer driver installed in your computer can also causes the Hp printer failure issue. You can navigate to the HP printer official home page and search your printer driver by giving the printer name along with the model number.

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