miHoYo, the company behind Genshin Impact, its founder was attacked by a failed assassination. A man sneaked into the developer's office with a knife and was later arrested by the Genshin Impact Account For Sale police.Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident.

In 2012, three students from Shanghai Jiaotong University Cai Haoyu, Luo Yuhao and Liu Wei founded MiHoYo. In the Genshin Impact Account domestic market, their method of combining independent development and animation inspiration has won many fans. miHoYo's Genshin Impact is well known by Western audiences. Before 2016, the studio's work "Honkai Impact 3rd" had already had a considerable number of followers.

On April 24, a man sneaked into miHoYo's Shanghai office in order to assassinate the company's founder. He entered the building with a knife in his hand. His motives were revealed during his detention. Bunny costumes for multiple characters have been added to the latest update of Honkai Impact 3rd. The backlash from fans is likely to be immediate. Publishing content only for international players makes many people think it is insensitive and unfair.

Even if a video game does not cause serious harm, it will somehow drive a potential violent attacker into reality. For many people, the toxicity of the gaming community is nothing new. But few people try to harm others through completely fictitious digital media.

As the storyline develops, more information will be released.For the detailed information on the motive and reasoning of this person's attack, the players hope to release further. The whole incident so far has been bizarre. On MMOWTS, players like to buy Genshin Impact Account here. Because they are very satisfied with the 24-hour online customer service of this website.