Bum Bag is viewed as a British term for a bag that is attached to a belt. These bags can hold all the valuable or small objects. In the US, these bags are called Fanny Pack but are also known as belly bags, waist bags, hip sacks, chaos pouches, moon bags, buffalo pouches and butt packs. In France, it’s called Sac Banane. These Bum Bags are mainly worn around the hips or waist, but wearers can wear the bag however they like. This means they can drape it around their neck, slung it across their shoulders or utilise it in the form of a belt over a raincoat.

Bum Bags: Its history and origin

Bags that came with a small pouch attached to a belt through a hook known as Chatelaine was a practical way for women and men to carry all their items during the Middle Ages. Sporran, a bag worn over the kilt, was compulsory because it was difficult to make pockets within a kilt, and sporran is a bum bag used in the past.

But in today’s modern era, bum bags have been attributed to Melba Stone from Australia, who developed a prototype of these bags in 1962. But the bum bag became a well-known fashion accessory in the late 80s. Due to the bag’s practicality, it became popular among a diverse range of users and transformed into a style cliché for middle-aged tourists and drug dealers.

But the popularity of these bags started to decline as lots of new and unique bags started to show up in the market. However, these bags became cool again after companies like Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga reinvented them for the 21st century. Now, these bum bags are worn by numerous Hollywood celebrities, singers, rappers and even models.

The popular culture and the bum bags 

Compared with other luggage ware products, the men's leather Bum Bags have been a lot more of a statement. Back in the 80s, they were considered dangerous and hip. But when the overweight retirees started to wear them, these bags became an accessory of ridicule. Now, in this modern world, they are reborn in the form of high-end fashion.

Bum bags are ideal for music festivals 

A bum bag can come in handy when you plan to go to a music festival. You can place your sunscreen, tickets, cash and ID cards. You can also carry various other things, such as hand sanitisers, mobile chargers, face wipes and many other things. Besides, many people don’t carry these bags on their bums much because they can become an easy target for pickpockets. You can easily wear the bag in the front so that you can keep all your valuables safe and also get to access all the things that you need. This can also make stealing impossible.

Parting Thoughts

Bum bags carry a reputation for being small and useful at the same time. People can easily wear them in front and carry all types of essential items in them. Furthermore, these bags are useful, and you don’t have to carry them in your hand. They come in different colours, designs and various other patterns.

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