Change the strategy, this is the only red cloud can do, but the good thing is that the internal stability of the Shang Dynasty, and he also has a back hand, let the temple to publicize morality, and criticize yuan Futong, secretly implicate the West to intervene in the human race, to provoke the human race disputes. Red cloud this hand immediately to push the west two saints to the dead end above, at the moment the sage can not help but regret not let yuan Futong was captured, for no reason to give an excuse to vilify the image of the west in the hearts of the human race. Originally, they only wanted to use the power of the North Sea to contain the force of Jiejiao and the Shang Dynasty. As long as it took a long time, Xiqi, which had been secretly supported by Jiejiao, would take the opportunity to rise. Now they did not achieve their goal. First, they made their reputation stink. If the Shang Dynasty did not fall, then the reputation of the West in the human race would be completely destroyed. Such a serious consequence forced Zhunti Saint to take risks and do something even crazier. Fortunately, the secret is obscure now, and the two saints in the West don't have to worry about their actions being discovered. So although this is crazy,stainless steel edging strip, Zhunti thinks there will be no accident. [Chapter 88 of the main text] Chapter 88 Net Collection The two sages of the West would never have thought that their everything was completely monitored by the Red Cloud. Their self-righteousness would be their own nightmare. At this moment, not only Suiren, Youchao and Yi had come to the alborada in the dark, but also the Red Cloud was hidden in the dark, ready to give the two sages of the West a fatal blow at any time and anywhere. Good books are reshuge. Com in the hot book pavilion. The annual pilgrimage was after the end of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors. Xia Qi was afraid that the world would be unstable, so he came up with such a way of pilgrimage to show his respect for the temple and Nu Wa, and this custom gradually passed down and became a great event for the human race. Xia Qi is also a wise king. On the surface,stainless tile trim, he offers sacrifices to Nu Wa on the Christmas Day of Nu Wa, but in essence, he shows his heart to the temple of the human race. Every pilgrimage will not forget the temple, and the reward is generous. It is precisely because of this method that Xia Qi has been recognized by many human tribes and has stabilized the overall situation. With the help of the temple, the Shang Dynasty is still at the height of its power. Although Zhunti has the intention to cast a spell to confuse King Zhou, he has no chance. The spirit of the emperor cooperates with the emperor's treasure, the dragon crown, plus the dragon vein of the imperial court, which can really make all laws invulnerable. Even if the sage wants to confuse the emperor, he will disturb the four directions. Confusing the emperor is an enemy of the whole human race. Once Zhunti is exposed in front of everyone, You can imagine the consequences. Even Taishang Laojun and yuanshi Tianzun could not refuse. At that time, the West would face the attack of Sanqing and Nu Wa Empress and all the forces in the East. Such a silly thing would not be done by the sage. As a result, Zhunti Sage could only wait for King Zhou to leave the Dragon Court of the Imperial Palace. At that time, tile trim manufacturers ,stainless steel tile edging, without the help of the Dragon Vein, he thought he could confuse the emperor without disturbing others. In this way, he could be absolutely safe. Soon it was the day of pilgrimage. The sage Zhunti sneaked into the temple of Nu Wa Empress and hid in the dark to prepare for the coming of the time. King Zhou, accompanied by a group of ministers, came to the temple. There was only the statue of Nu Wa Empress in the whole hall, so there was no need to be too vigilant. Everything was clear at a glance. When King Zhou appeared, the sage of Zhunti moved, and the art of confusing the mind was launched in an instant, which affected King Zhou's mind. Under the manipulation of the sage of Zhunti, King Zhou changed his normal state and became presumptuous. He even openly lifted the yarn in front of the statue of Nu Wa and wrote an erotic poem on the wall. King Zhou's action immediately shocked all the ministers present, and they hurried forward to persuade him. Wang Shu Bigan and Shang Rong, who had been watching King Zhou all the time, were also moved by it. Nu Wa was the honor of the sage, and King Zhou's action was only to provoke the sage. Although it was said that the Shang Dynasty had the support of Jiejiao and the help of the temple, the sage was angry that he wanted to change the Dynasty. Just when everyone was in a hurry, Hongyun and Suirenshi, Youchaoshi, and Yishi appeared in the temple. Hongyun snorted coldly and said, "Zhunti Sage is still acting so badly. He has done such a terrible thing to the younger generation of the human race. Should I give you an explanation today?" As soon as the voice of the red cloud fell, the divine mind enveloped the whole temple in an instant. A fire from the sky flew out of the lotus lantern and went straight to the place where the sage Zhunti was hidden. The third ancestor of the human race thought that six treasures of acquired merit appeared in the hall. The power of faith poured into the temple like a tide. Although Zhunti was a saint, he showed his figure in the face of the attack like a tide. At the moment when the red cloud appeared, Zhunti secretly said that he didn't want to escape, but the red cloud had prepared for such a long time so that how could he leave at this moment? The space law had already blocked the space of the whole temple. Shang Chen was greatly shocked by the successive changes and was at a loss. Fortunately, Suirenshi asked them to help King Zhou step aside for the time being and wait for the confrontation between Hongyun and Zhunti. Forced out of shape by the red cloud, the sage knew that he had been planted, and planted thoroughly, directly let people seize the handle, now even if he said anything is useless, it is best to leave here and return to the West and then try to make up for it. However, will the Red Cloud give this opportunity to Zhunti Saint? Obviously this is impossible, red cloud spent so much scheming for what, is to take Zhunti, let the saints know that the human race is not with them. Similarly, in order to cut off the dream of yuanshi Tianzun, as long as Zhunti exposes his whereabouts, his reputation will be completely destroyed in the human race. In the future, even if yuanshi Tianzun wants to break the immortal sword array of Tongtian Sect Leader, he will have to think twice about whether he can invite such a person as Zhunti Saint. Zhunti Sage was the most thick-skinned of all the saints. Although he was anxious to leave when he was trapped in the temple by Hongyun, his face was relaxed. He said in surprise, "I didn't expect Hongyun Taoist to come to celebrate the birthday of Nu Wa. You and I are really destined to be together!" When Hongyun heard this, there was no change. She said with a sneer,aluminum tile trim, "There is no need for the sage to excuse himself. Let's explain why he wanted to confuse the emperor into doing such a shameless thing." Hearing Hongyun's words, the sage Zhunti changed his face and said angrily, "What does Hongyun Daoyou mean by saying that? What is the reason why the poor monk came to celebrate the birthday of Nu Wa but was framed by Daoyou?" 。