"Blood Soul Dafa?" With the sound of the sky, he waved his five strings and plucked the strange harp in his bosom. The sound of the harp suddenly rose, and the flying flower needles suddenly cracked and shattered. When the sound of the harp stopped, Tianyin clasped the seal in his right hand and gently touched Qianxue between the eyebrows. At the same time, he said, "With such an evil method, the greedy petals are really easy to fall. You'd better go back with me and soak them in the cold spring for thousands of years, or you can eliminate your hostility." Voice just fell, from the forehead of Qianxue flew out of a white but wrapped in a few black silk petals, fell into the palm of Tianyin. Looking at Qianxue again, her eyes were already frozen and she fell to the ground. Touching the petals in his hand, Tianyin turned to Shuihan and said, "What are you going to do?"? Although your time has come, I can't take you away now because I have the spirit of a hundred flowers to renew my life and I haven't used the magic. However, once the spirit of a hundred flowers is exhausted, it is time for you to return. Shuiqi stared at Qianxue's fallen body on the ground for a long time and then said: "You also take me back, the world, the world is not as good as we imagined." Then he closed his eyes gently. Tianyin also sighed lightly and pulled out a petal from Shuihu's forehead in the same way. Unlike the petals of Qianxue, the petals of Shuihu are also white, but there is no black silk on them, only a few gray spots attached to them. Tianyin put away the two petals and turned to go. Bai Yutang stood in front of him with an arrow. He was short and knelt on one knee. Han Zhang and Jiang Ping, who were next to him, exclaimed, "Brother Wu!" But he didn't care. He just stared at Tianyin and said, "Save him. I know you must have a way to save the cat. Just think of it as my Bai Yutang begging you. If you want anything, just open your mouth and save his life." As long as you save him, you can do anything? What if I want your life? Tianyin raised her eyebrows and chuckled. OK Bai Yutang answered firmly, and as soon as the voice fell, the shadow of the painting was already in front of his neck. As soon as the shadow was on his neck and shoulder, the blue shadow flashed in front of his eyes, and the body of the sword was wrapped in a sleeve. Tianyin sneered, "I want your life,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, and your life should be mine.". If this sword goes down and you lose your life, whose life should it be? Hearing this, Bai Yutang did not know how to deal with it for a moment, and the shadow of the painting in his hand had been brushed away. The sleeve robe waved again, and the bloody eyes pricked by the flower needles suddenly calmed down. Tianyin bent over Zhanzhao and wiped it on his body. The blue gas suddenly dissipated a lot, but there was still a thin layer floating on his skin. I can't get rid of this poison. "What?" "People from all walks of life have their own rules. I can eliminate the damage caused by Qianxue's magic.". But this poison is the medicine of the human world, is the means of the human world, I can not do it. "You can't do it. What's the reason? I don't care about the rules of heaven and earth. You have to cure the cat." He said that he would make a move as soon as the shadow of the painting was bright. One side Jiang Ping saw this string of things happened, has guessed things out five or six minutes, and he is usually rich in wisdom, but also the bystander is clear, than the white jade hall, more from the words of the sound of heaven to see some meaning. Seeing that Bai Yutang was at a loss, he hurried forward to stop him from acting rashly. Then he turned to Tianyin and said, "Since this is a human method, naturally we should use the human method to solve it.". Just don't know this solution, Ceramic Band Heater ,ceramic welding tape, do you know or don't know? Bai Yutang was stopped by Jiang Ping, and when he listened to him again, his heart became clear. He said to Tianyin, "Please give me the antidote. I'm very grateful." Tianyin chuckled and said, "For the sake that you and I still have some connections, I can still help you.". I have just restrained the poison gas for him, so that he can survive at least three months, and in these three months, as long as you follow this prescription, he will naturally be all right. He said that a piece of white paper floated out of his sleeve and flew to Baiyutang. Before Bai Yutang could take a closer look, Tianyin added, "I know you have a lot of questions in your mind. This is the second time you and I have met. If we can meet for the third time, how about I solve the questions in your mind?" "Meet for the second time?"? But in this Bianjing, counting this time, it is already the third time to meet. Tianyin shook his head and said, "It's only once in Bianjing.". ” "Just once, the first time was." Bai Yutang looked at the sound of heaven carefully and suddenly had a flash of inspiration in his mind: "Ah, when I was a child, you made me fall into the river. From then on, I was afraid, er.." Seeing being recognized, Tianyin blushed and said in a loud voice, "See you later." With a wave of his sleeve, he flew out of the window and disappeared into the night. White Jiang Han three people with Zhanzhao back to Kaifeng mansion, nature is a flurry. But after seeing the antidote, Mr. Gongsun and Mrs. Lu frowned. Bai Yutang was always watching. Seeing this, he asked, "What's wrong with the antidote?" Mr. Gongsun shook his head and said, "Judging from the pulse condition of the guard Zhan and this prescription, it should be the right medicine.". But the other herbs are easy to handle, only the main medicine, Valeriana, is only born on the cliff of Xuefeng, and can only be stored in a jade box after being picked. So you can't find this herb outside. "That's nothing, sir. Just draw me a picture of the herbs and I'll pick them." Mr. Gongsun and Mrs. Lu looked at each other. Mrs. Lu nodded and said, "Let the fifth brother go. With the fifth brother's ability, it's not difficult to pick this valerian grass." "Then I'll go at once." "Don't worry, Fifth Brother, you wait for two days. It's unusual to go up the mountain to collect herbs. It's better to make more preparations.". In addition, also need to take good jade to make a jade box, the better the quality of jade, the more effective the herbs will be. Listening to reason, Bai Yutang did not say much, but gave everything to Mrs. Lu to prepare, and a few days before departure, he stayed in front of Zhanzhao's bed every day. But now Zhanzhao had no vision except for a layer of blue gas on his face. It was like a deep sleep. Bai Yutang chuckled and said, "This narrow-minded cat, the Fifth Master only slept for five days last time. This time you're going to get it back with interest." Although the words with a smile, between the eyes is a wet. After three days, everything was ready, and the white horse in plain clothes left the house in a hurry and rushed to the snow mountain. End of the fourth petal First, please ignore the distance between Kaifeng and the snow mountain,Ozone generator ceramic plate, assuming that three months is enough to go back and forth. Second: Please ignore the name of the grass, which I gave casually. Third: Please ignore the front edge of Tianyin and Baiyutang, which is just flower arrangement. global-ceramics.com