Tian yuan said, and quickly zoomed in to see a foreigner walking leisurely on the beach. The bees in the air were more than ten meters away from him. When Tian yuan and Niu Yong saw him on the screen, the man suddenly looked up at Tian yuan and smiled at them. He raised his hand to say hello. He had golden hair and blue eyes. He was only in his twenties. Niu Yong stared at the man a few times, and a kind of vigilance rose in his heart: "yuanyuan, contact Chen Han immediately. I'll take you to the martial arts school. You'd better not live here in the future." Pastoral knew Niu Yong's intention, very uncomfortable but no way: "Well, when my brother came back, I told him that the villa over there was almost built anyway, but we have to solve the immediate problem first. Brother Niu, can you beat this guy? It seems that he is not good. It takes time for my brother to come back. It should be too late for us to go now." If you take me, it will definitely affect the speed. Now he should be the only one. "It's better to be careful. You can't fall into the trap of diverting the tiger away from the mountain." Niu Yong said to take out the phone, he is not a person to, GongSunJi three of them have reached the peak of the people below, they catch up to protect the countryside, Niu Yong can also rest assured to deal with the enemy. Go to intercept the foreigner in Niu Yong. Chen Han also received a notice from Tian yuan. Chen Han had just talked with Mi Ran. Chen Han was also thinking about the treatment plan. She had a problem with the internal balance of her body. Then the drug damage was too serious. Other doctors could not cure it because they did not know how to stimulate their potential to let Mi Ran's body recover itself. This also is the disease malpractice of Western medicine, where had a problem to treat where, this kind of method is very useful to the ache such as traumatic, or it is operation can be solved directly also do not have a problem, but some diseases are to want to consider from global, systemic, this also is the reason that Western medicine cannot overcome the disease such as cancer all the time. Three hundred years later, in the era of the Earth Federation,Magnesium Oxide powder, these diseases that are difficult to treat in modern times have been completely treated, or even completely prevented from occurring, which is to comprehensively enhance human immunity from the human body. Mi ran had no choice but to agree to listen to Chen Han's words for treatment, and things became simple. As soon as Chen Han received the notice from the countryside, he rushed back to the villa at full speed. With Chen Han's body now close to the peak of level five, he was not affected by the terrain and rushed back at full speed, which was more convenient than using any means of transportation. Drip, drip,Magnesium Oxide price, drip. Inside the villa, Tian yuan is staring at the screen, suddenly heard the alarm again, Tian yuan was startled, this is the continuous sound of two alarms, is there the last thing, she hurriedly pulled out the image. Who Almost while Tian was busy, the exclamations of the three of them came from the entrance of the building. GongSunJi with the other two are also to the level of the peak people have been guarding in the stairway, suddenly feel a figure flash, three people will instantly their killer's mace are stretched out, GongSunJi reaction is the most sophisticated, body jump has been blocked in the doorway, in the hands of a special army thorn instant stab, with a ray of light, to reach the level of the peak has been able to use Gang gas, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, And the moment of the use of weapons, even the day level strong also dare not easily fight. The next moment, the two men at the entrance of the building froze there, because they hit out with all their strength as if they were in the air, and the figure passed between them. At this time, they were standing in front of Gongsun Ji with a smile, two fingers holding Gongsun Ji's army thorn. It was none other than Chen Han who rushed back from Changzhi Hospital at full speed. The owner of the museum. GongSunJi has just put the heart to the eye, the momentum of the moment rushed up indomitable, he also only desperately block, but the gap is too big, he can only give the field to buy a little time, but in the end he has thought of all his strength to block in a desperate way, but when see clearly is Chen Han, his heart also put down. Chen Han slowly loosened Gongsun Jijun's thorn. Although there was a special bloodletting trough on it, it didn't hurt Chen Han at all. Chen Han nodded with satisfaction: "You did a very good job. You three joined hands, especially Gongsun senior, your last method. Even the strong people in the middle of the day had to avoid the edge temporarily. It was enough to gain the most time. You did a very good job." Hearing Chen Han's praise, Gongsun Ji was happy and shocked at the same time. They knew that Chen Han was strong, but only when they really fought with Chen Han could they realize the horror of Chen Han. This is not even a fight, Chen Han just went all out to do a sprint inside the action, has been so amazing, so terrible, no wonder even the martial arts of the mid-level strong were almost killed by the museum owner. Please, Lord. Gongsun Ji hurriedly opened the door sideways to let Chen Han go in, and now Chen Han's weight in the hearts of these people in the Niu Family Martial Arts School is absolutely no less than the weight of the Dragon Family Taishang Elder in the hearts of the Dragon Family, no less than the weight of King Wu in the heart of the Wu Family. Brother, it's you. You scared me to death. I was so scared that my liver was beating wildly. Pastoral saw Chen Han at the door, breathed a sigh of relief, learned the classic action of Zhou Xingchi's classmate in the movie, and her action at this time was even more strange, a French window next to her was completely raised, a propulsion device appeared behind her, like a huge fan, and two lines on both sides of her wheelchair were connected to the roof, on which there was a long umbrella bag. Obviously, as soon as the field accelerates and rushes out, it will pull this, which should be something that can fly in the air for a short distance. These things Chen Han do not know, at this time see in the eyes, but also very sigh pastoral fantastic ideas, from here to fly into the sky, even if someone wants to catch her again, it is difficult to be so relaxed. Seeing these things that Chen Han looked at himself, Tian yuan giggled and said, "I can't always hold my brother back. If a little shrimp like Wu Xiangdao comes in the future, I can run away by myself. I'll dodge the edge in the air first, and then I'll stare at him. I don't care what kind of strong man he is in the middle of heaven. I want him to die without a burial place. I'm collecting nude photos of those people in Wu's family now." And prepare other attacks, and deal with Song Ziwen, once the elder brother you allow,Magnesium Oxide price, to the elder brother you said when the conditions are ripe, see I do not kill them. Volume two, chapter two hundred and eighty-five clap flat. stargrace-magnesite.com