It's infuriating. With this remark, he added with special emphasis, "I tell you, my master passed away three years ago.". Now Can you come up now? When Xu Gefei heard this, he could not help saying "Oh" in amazement. Once again, he took a timid look at the dark little pavilion. Carrying the great white ape beside him, he grew up and flew up to the railing of the small building. As soon as she landed on the railing, she turned and said, "Come in and sit down!" As he spoke, he turned and walked into the door of the building first. Xu Gefei has been living among girls for more than two years, and he can see every move and psychology of girls at a glance. I can figure out seven or eight points. At this time, I saw that although the speech and movements of Lijidani seemed bright and natural, there was still something in her expression, tone of voice, and manner that could not be concealed. Live nervously, excitedly and excitedly. Xu Gefei did not suspect anything about this phenomenon, because at this time and place, a young man of similar age suddenly came. Even if she is a Tianshan woman, she also has a shy and suspicious nature. Entering the small building, Lijidani immediately closed the door of the building, and a warm and fragrant breath immediately rushed into Xu Gefei's nostrils. Inside. As soon as Xu Gefei saw it, he couldn't help but be surprised, because there was a bed and a tent inside, and the brocade mattress and embroidered quilt turned out to be the boudoir of Lijidani. As soon as Lijidani turned around, she said angrily, "Don't be so nervous, OK?"? Xiaochangge is my master's Buddha. Don, after she passed away, I kept it in memory of her. The one on the west side is the kitchen, and I'm the only one. The bedroom is a place to entertain guests. Xu Gefei was so handsome that his face turned red. He repeatedly answered. He forced himself to smile and said shyly, "No, no, I won't be nervous." We are all sons and daughters of Wulin, so we don't have to stick to it. Before she had finished speaking,heavy duty metal racking, Lijidani chuckled charmingly. At the same time, she pointed to a lacquer chair and said, "Sit down!" Xu Gefei answered and immediately sat down on the chair. Lizzie and Dani were about to sit down on the chair when the two great white apes who had come in by the way suddenly jumped up and shouted. Xu Gefei looked stupefied and was about to say something when Lijidani suddenly laughed and scolded, "These two animals!" Laughing and scolding, he went to a basket on a small cabinet, took two fruits bigger than goose eggs, and handed them to two big ones. At the same time, the white ape laughed and scolded, "Here, take it!" As soon as the two great white apes took the fruit with a cry of joy, they immediately pulled open a door and ordered happily, "Go, get out!" Eat! The two great white apes, holding the big red fruit, jumped out of the door with a happy squeak. Xu Gefei was puzzled. As soon as Li Jidani closed the door and turned to walk back, she immediately asked in puzzlement, "Who are they?" As soon as she opened her mouth, Lijidani smiled happily and blurted out, radio shuttle racking ,warehouse storage racks, "It's not a reward!" When Xu Gefei heard this, he hesitated and said confusedly, "Aren't they going out without permission?" As soon as Lijidani heard this, she couldn't help blushing any longer. She couldn't help laughing and said, "They think they brought you here. Think so?" They should be rewarded. What do they know? They're animals! Xu Gefei felt that Lijidani's statement was not very reasonable, because the animals had to punish them in time when they made mistakes, but she was partial. It was the first time he had heard of this method of training animals to reward them after they had made mistakes. "Oh, do you want to eat a red fruit, too?" She asked kindly as if she had realized something. With these words, he went to the basket to get it. As soon as Xu Gefei saw it, he shook his hand and said, "No, thank you!" As soon as she heard this, she had to smile sweetly, look at her eyes, and go back to her chair and sit down again. However, Xu Gefei was so sweetly smiled by Liji Dani, and his eyes made his heart pound, and his expression was not stunned! Li Ji Dani is too beautiful, especially that kind of wild beauty, gave him infinite attraction, although he Xu Gefei's side. He had never left the beautiful girl, but he still could not hold on to the confusion of Ligi Tanie. At the moment when his mind was shocked and his expression was stunned, Ligitani, sitting in her chair, looked at his handsome face without evading it. With a smile, he said happily, "If you have anything to ask me, say it quickly." When Xu Gefei asked, he hurried to think, "Oh," and hurried to think about how to phrase it. "But ask me why I brought you here on purpose yesterday afternoon, don't you?" She asked with a smile. Xu Gefei shook his head with a quick smile, and Lijidani said proudly, "Since you don't say it first, I'll ask you first." Um. Where did you see the golden eyes and the red face? Hearing this, Xu Gefei was stupefied. Unconsciously, he was puzzled and asked, "Golden Eyes?"? A red face? As soon as the voice fell, the two great white apes who were eating fruit outside the building automatically pushed the door and came in with a squeak. As soon as Lijidani saw it, she stretched out her hand and said with a laugh, "Well, they are the golden eyes and the red face!" As soon as Xu Gefei heard this, he could not help looking at the two great white apes who were still eating half of the red fruit, but he felt that the two great white apes were the same. Like, really difficult to distinguish each other, so unconsciously puzzled asked: "How do you tell which one of them is a golden eye, which one is?" Red face? … … Martial Arts House Sweep School Old Rain Building Exclusive Serialization Remembering the article "The world series of looking down on the heroes" Chapter twenty-eight flowers without owners. Before she had finished speaking, Liji and Dani blushed with a smile and said, "You have lived in vain." Eight, can't you see it? When Xu Gefei heard this, he could not help but look again at the two great white apes who were still looking at him and Lijidani while eating. But he looked at it for a while, and the two great white apes still had a red face and two golden eyes! As soon as Liji Dani saw it, she was so angry that she stamped her little sword boots. She looked at Xu Gefei again and laughed and said angrily, "Why are you so stupid?"? Aren't they one male and one female? When Xu Gefei heard this,push back racking system, he was suddenly enlightened. At the same time, he laughed. He had to laugh at himself and said, "So!" Such a resolution? 。