“……” Gu Xin son is to follow Du Yuhang to come out, at first do not know what he came out to do, later heard him catch two people to ask if he had seen Shen Nanyuan, in the heart strange can not say what is the taste. Brother Yuhang used to call me daughter-in-law, but now he has a new daughter-in-law, and he doesn't even want to look at me. Gu Xiner said with a smile, like a joke, but the loss is still very pitiful. Du Yuhang was born as tall as Du Yulin, if we ignore the actions and words of those children, such a silent look simply, it is not exciting. He pursed the corners of his lips as if he didn't know how to respond. Gu Xiner seems to recall his childhood from his appearance, from the time she had memory, she lived in the governor's mansion, even before Wen Ling was born, she thought she was the governor's little princess. Du Yuhang treats her well. They are childhood sweethearts. They are pure affection and pure kindness. How can they not let Gu Xiner, who came back after thousands of sails, feel it? Brother Yuhang, do you still remember that we played hide-and-seek here when we were young. Every time it's my turn to look for it, you're afraid I can't find it and cry, so you always hide here. You can find it in such a conspicuous place at once. Gu Xiner pointed to the table, Jiao Jiao Qiao smiled,Mechanical fine screen, close to Du Yuhang's side, "because I left, you can not find me, so angry with me?" Du Yuhang's eyes fell on her, Gu Xiner pulled the corners of her mouth as if to respond to his smile, but the corners of her eyes were stained with water. This appearance, let alone a man, even Shen Nanyuan a woman feel a moment of interest. Sure enough,multi disc screw press, Du Yuhang untied his suit jacket and put it on her shoulder, which was different from the initial resistance. "I didn't know you were gone. They said you were sorry for me and ran away." "No, no!" Gu Xin son suddenly excited, the tears like beads, anxious to patter down, "if, if not the governor appeared in time, I and my mother, I and my mother may not be able to leave Longcheng alive." Du Yuhang's eyes were pure and his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, as if he could not understand her words. Gu Xiner looked back, pursed her lips, and said for a long time, "I was still young at that time. I don't know what misunderstandings the adults had made and what had happened. I could only follow my mother to leave. All these years, I have always remembered you and Yulin's brother.." Shen Nanyuan Wen Yan looked at the man beside him, and the man seemed to be indifferent to it. Did you arrange this? She asked. Du Yulin was a little unhappy and frowned. "I don't have time for that." Then paused again, Lamella Plate Settler ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, "Gu Xiner, is the person I recognized before my eldest brother was stupid.". You, on the other hand, were chosen by my father on the basis of eight characters. Shen Nanyuan chewed his words and understood at once that it was a blow to tell himself that he had no chance. Shen Nanyuan looked at him, and Du Yulin also looked back. Four eyes face each other, each has its own stubborn insistence. Shen Nanyuan did not want to marry at all, so Du Yulin took her to see, it did not affect her, at most some do not understand Gu Xiner's way. After all, before that, to see her look at Du Yulin's eyes, how can it be more affectionate than looking at Dashao, how can it be changed again today! If you don't understand, you don't understand, and she's not interested. On the contrary, Du Yulin was so close that he felt very uncomfortable. He lifted his feet and stepped on his high-heeled shoes to step on his vamp. The latter was on guard in time and did not let her succeed, but he also loosened the clamp. Shen Nanyuan left quietly. Du Yulin followed her slowly. Shen Nanyuan threw the cloak to the man behind him, "I want to go to the convenience, but also follow?" Du Yulin's footsteps stopped and looked at the kitten's angry appearance, feeling funny in his heart. He held out his finger and pointed in the opposite direction in her vague expression. "The convenient place is over there." “……” Shen Nanyuan blushed and turned back, passing by him without hesitation. Don't follow me! Du Yulin stopped and stood under the eaves of the corridor where the moon was shining, thinking that it was really fun to tease the cat. In the flower hall. Just after the trip, Mrs. Du had the cake pushed out. The ten-story cake was filled with candles, which corresponded to the candlelight brought by the servants. Even though the power had not been restored, these candles alone set off another romantic atmosphere. The cake was pushed in front of Du Dujun, who handed Minister Qin the knife to cut the cake and motioned him to take charge of the knife. Under the atmosphere, it became more and more enthusiastic. Or take a picture first, take a picture as a souvenir, Langhua's photography technology is comparable to that of the photo studio. Minister Qin said together. Wait for the switch to be restored. Lang Hua obeyed Du Dujun and Minister Qin and fiddled with his camera. "I'll take some pictures for you two first." Mrs. Du hurriedly invited Hua Lang to ask, "Have you found anyone?" Painting Lang stared at Du Yulin all night, and naturally saw clearly that at the moment when the lights went out, Du Yulin appeared beside Shen Nanyuan. Then, as expected, he saw adjutant Xu guarding outside the guest room, his heart and eyes were as uncomfortable as being bitten by insects, but he could not say to his wife at this moment. Don't worry, madam. Someone has been sent to look for it. It should be very soon. Shen Yunxi just broke in from the outside at this time, the action is too fierce, the carved door hit the wall heavily. She couldn't believe what she saw with her eyes. Just now, she went out to take a chance and wanted to say that if she could bump into Du Yulin, then. But I never expected it. People are touched, but with Shen Nanyuan together! The scene made her eyes faint and she rushed back to the flower hall. She wanted to find Shen Litang, and on second thought, if Shen Litang knew that the little bitch was hooking up with Du Ershao, she might still be very happy. Shen Yunxi was in a trance and only wanted to expose the little bitch, but for a moment he couldn't think of anyone to expose. Carrying the light and shadow, the people in the hall could not see clearly at all, but the painting recognized the butterfly style of the skirt,fine bubble diffuser, which had just flashed by outside the guest room, and she had not been able to find it for a long time. Hua Lang immediately realized that this man was also outside the guest room at that time! I didn't want to jump over and drag people. At this moment, there was a sudden change. khnwatertreatment.com