Bai Xiao a happy, hurriedly ran out to see, sure enough, the stairs were not blocked by the iron door, there are lights falling, seems to be brighter than downstairs. Only then did Bai Xiao suddenly say, "Yes, when I saw it from the outside, the lights on each floor of the inn building were on." Zang Feng smiled and said nothing. When he said "no seal" just now, he did not look outside the door. Just say this "fact" first, add a picture in Bai Xiao's mind, and then be washed by the magical logic of the world, it becomes a reality. Bai Xiao has excitedly climbed upstairs, the eighth floor, is the scenery that Bai Xiao has never seen. There are even places like boxing, game halls, and even singing halls. They watched all the way up until they reached the top floor. The area of the spire on the top floor is already very small, and it is made of transparent metal, probably with one-way visibility, so you can't see the inside from the outside. There was no one on the top floor, and there were several long sofas, which were comfortable to look at and lie down. It's probably for people to see the stars. Coincidentally,disc air diffuser, when Bai Xiao arrived at the top floor, the sunset on the horizon also sank into the horizon, the moonlight replaced the sunshine, and the lights of the town became the sun in the night. The child ran to a sofa near the window and knelt down to look out of the window. "There is a festival today," he said happily. "It's just right. This is an excellent viewing angle!" With that, he looked back at Bai Xiao and laughed so hard that his eyes curved up: "You must look carefully." Chapter 80 the last time. The child's words seemed to be deliberately emphasized in general, so that Bai Xiao's heart rose a bit strange. However, he did not care too much,disc air diffuser, because what he saw and heard here today, almost everything is challenging Bai Xiao's cognition. But since the children said to let them look carefully, Bai Xiao and Zang Feng went to the window and looked carefully at the miniature of the city under the tall building. In front of it is a large panoramic window, which gives people an illusion of standing in the air over the town. The inn building is located at the back of the town, and the angle here is facing the Trevi Fountain in the square, which is also putting the most lively place into view. The night was already dark, and it was dark outside the town, but the lights in the town were still gradually increasing and becoming brighter. The joyful crowd running with lights in the streets merged into a galaxy of lights. Beauty is beautiful, but Bai Xiao is not in the mood to enjoy the beautiful scenery now. Bai Xiao looked at the grand scene for a while, and then thought of the problem that they had been ignoring. He turned his head and asked the child, "By the way, what is this festival for?" Lying on the back of the sofa, the child looked at the streamer in the town downstairs and answered happily, "Today is the birthday of the gods. Of course, this festival is to celebrate the birthday of the gods." After a pause, the child changed the subject and said softly, wall penstocks ,Belt Filter Press, "However, this is also a big ceremony for the reincarnation of ghosts." Bai Xiao is stupefied: "reincarnation?" He remembered that the child had said the word before. When Zang Feng saw Bai Xiao meditating, he reminded him, "It's the source of the black stone." Bai Xiao remembered that the child had said before that the black stone was something left over from the ghost's reincarnation. Bai Xiao slightly frowned, do not know why, although looking at the child's appearance seems to be looking forward to this ceremony, but he felt that this reincarnation is not so happy. The child at this meeting was different from before. He seemed to have a strong desire to talk. When he heard that Bai Xiao did not continue their conversation, he opened his mouth again and said, "The festival begins at night.". Celebrations for the birthdays of the gods, the reincarnation of ghosts, will last all night! With that, the child exhaled a long breath, showing an expression of regret and relief, which was not suitable for children. This cycle must be spectacular, because it's the last one. One last time? Bai Xiao and Zang Feng were stunned. Even if you don't use your brain, you can hear that this is a key message. "What is the meaning of the last time?" Asked Bai Xiao. The child turned to look at him, and the man who had been explaining himself just now raised his finger to his lips and whispered, "Shh.". You will know if you look at it. ” With that, he turned around and looked intently out of the window at the night of the town, motionless. Bai Xiao and Zang Feng looked at each other, both of their expressions were somewhat helpless, and they knew that even if they were questioned, they would not be able to get an answer. So two people also silent down, accompany the child night view. Time goes by minute by minute, the light is still increasing, even if you can't hear the sound, but Bai Xiao can imagine the lively picture on the street at this time. Gradually, the full moon rose into the sky, but at this time, a thin cloud began to cover from the edge of the full moon, covering the outline of the full moon, but leaking thin moonlight. By contrast, the lights of the town are getting brighter and brighter. It was at this time that the lights, which had been gradually lit up before, suddenly stopped increasing. And the lights, which had been moving in disorder before, were now flowing in one direction. That is to say, at this time, the people holding lanterns in the town are moving in the same direction. The direction they are heading is the square. Countless lights poured into the square from every corner of the street, slowly and methodically. Soon, the square was as bright as a huge torch, and the "flames" of the surrounding streets were still converging towards it. Until the light in the square was no longer a gap of darkness. At the same moment when the lights filled the square, all the flowing lights in the town stopped. It was like someone had pressed the pause button, and everything in the town was still. Bai Xiao's heart jumped and he couldn't help looking at the child, but he saw that the child was still looking downstairs. It was just that the smile that had been hanging on the child's face had disappeared, and his expression was now a little strange. One second he was a little sad, as if he was going to cry at once, but the next second he quickly burst into a smile from his eyes. Like crying, like laughing,rotary vacuum disc filters, crazy. But it's not disgusting to look at it, but it's very distressing. Here we go. As if unaware of Bai Xiao's gaze, the child looked at the lights of the town and said softly. Start? Start what?.