"He wants trouble with me, and I want it." Xiao Yin was holding a teacup and sipping the tea very slowly. When she heard her worries, she lowered her eyes and smiled in a low voice. There was a hint of obvious joke in her rich voice: "Suddenly, did you take a fancy to him and plan to change your backing and follow him instead?" "Backing?!"! He Suddenly Yan was stupefied, saw the faint smile in his eyes, the corners of his mouth could not help twitching gently: "Your joke is not funny at all." She was worried about his identity and safety, but he not only didn't care, but even had the heart to make such a silly joke. Xiao Yin slowly put down the cup in his hand and snorted contemptuously, but with a smile that he could not hide: "I didn't intend to joke with you." The deep eyes, as if they were looking at her, as if they were going to pierce her with their eyes, looked gloomy and unpredictable: "If you are going to follow him, then I can help you." Here we go again, here we go again, these cliches! Suddenly Yan was a little pleased and looked at his action of drinking tea, wondering if he was using it to cover up his discomfort. After a while, she leaned forward and grabbed Xiao Yin's sleeve. "You actually care about me a little bit, don't you?" Without waiting for Xiao Yin to answer, she felt very good about herself and explained: "Otherwise, why did you arrive immediately when I was tied up by him?!" But Xiao Yin smiled and said nothing. After a while, he squinted at her and asked an inexplicable question: "Do you know how to try the assassin?" Assassin? Suddenly Yan Leng Leng, guess Xiao Yin said so meaning,Carbon in Pulp, probably refers to before the destruction of wood Cuo her transfiguration of the purpose of misunderstanding as a plot against the assassin. So she shook her head and asked, "What method?" He lowered his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes slightly. Xiao Yin smiled charmingly. "It is said that a female assassin once tried to assassinate him, but failed and was captured alive.". He interrogated himself, but he didn't get any results, and he was furious. "When he got to the point, he suddenly paused as if he wanted to hang people's appetite, and gave an ambiguous dry cough, replacing the sensitive words that needed to be framed with the sound of coughing:" He first himself.. Cough,tin beneficiation plant, and then tie the naked female assassin to the door of the North Prince's Palace, so that all the guards, servants and even passers-by. Ahem. As a result, the female assassin was tortured to death with blood flowing from her lower body. "Ah!" Suddenly Yan was dumbfounded, clenched Xiao Yin's clothes, and his whole body was in a cold sweat. Would you like to try this way of interrogation? Xiao Yin looked at her dull appearance, raised his eyebrows, and his pure black eyes seemed to be full of thick ink, bottomless. No, no, no! Suddenly Yan shook her head like a rattle and denied it again and again. At that moment, she suddenly felt that Xiao Yin had come too timely before, and when she thought about the vicious and cold eyes, she could not help but feel her scalp tingling and her whole body chills. Caught the assassin, first, tin beneficiation plant ,Portable gold trommel, then, and let the others take turns. Such a plot, if the small attack in Tanbi tortures her, she can reluctantly accept it, if it is replaced by BG romance. Finally, she heaved a sigh of grief, pursed her lips and brewed for a long time. Finally, she sighed with emotion and made a rather summative statement: "Destroying Mu Cuo, he is really worse than a beast!" Xiao Yin did not speak, but looked at her very interesting expression with a smile and coughed gently to hide his laughter. When the wood Song sent a servant to bring the decocted soup, Xiao Yin did not even lift his head, but nu nu jaw, motioned suddenly Yan to bring the medicine bowl over. When the servant retired respectfully, he raised his head, looked at her, and ordered briefly, "drink the medicine." Suddenly Yan was sniffing the rich fragrance from the soup. She heard that it was the best Tianshan Snow Lotus stewed with bear bile. When she heard Xiao Yin's words, she was a little stupefied. Her eyes were full of questions: "Isn't this soup the medicine for Muzan?" "Who said it was for him?" Xiao Yin's lips implied a smile, drawing out a very faint shadow, but could not hide the brilliance in his eyes. He knocked on the armrest of the chair unhurriedly and looked at Muzan, who was still in a coma. He looked a little careless. "His illness doesn't need these medicinal materials." Suddenly Yan looked at him suspiciously. Obviously, the answer seemed to be ready to come out, but she didn't dare to be sure alone. She was still trying to ask: "What is the prescription you prescribed for?" "To mend your body, of course." Xiao Yin answered very simply. When he raised his face, his dark eyes stared at her like a deep pool. His tone was leisurely. He did not intend to hide his intention at all: "There are countless rare medicinal materials in the Beiyi Palace. It is better to take this opportunity to enjoy them than to let them rot in the warehouse. It is also to make the best use of everything." Well, so, so! Anyway, through the treatment of destroyed wood Zan, these medicinal materials can also be used at will, who knows, these boiled fragrant soup medicine is actually under her abdomen, raised her body? Yan Yan could not stop her face full of sweet joy, picked up the bowl, raised her neck, and poured down the fragrant soup. The moment she put down the bowl, she looked at Xiao Yin and felt that she was a little wrong. Unexpectedly, he was born noble and treacherous, but he was so shrewd that he did not spend money lavishly. Most importantly, he had such a lovely side. Is this an extra reward? In modern times, he can really be regarded as a budget man who makes careful calculations to enrich himself! A few days later, from the words of Xiao Yin and Xiang Wanfeng without any trace, suddenly Yan finally figured out the real method of competition between Xiao Yin and Xiang Wanfeng. She was in a cold sweat and recited Amitabha Buddha in her mouth. She observed a thousand times of silence for the unconscious regent who destroyed the old uncle. It is said that Muzan's disease is caused by the stagnation of breath and the disharmony of blood and qi. In today's words, it is a disease of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which may lead to lifelong paralysis. It needs to be treated slowly to wake up. And take advantage of this opportunity, Xiao Yin side treatment, while poisoning him, then, the second day, by the late maple to detoxify,gold shaking table, and then apply other poisons, the third day, Xiao Yin again detoxify poison.. ore-magnetic-mining.com