General Ji put the fruit back and said, "Just say it. Do you still want to beat around the Bush with me?" "Uncle," said Qi Yue with a straight face, "I really have something to ask for this time when I send you the fruit to taste. I would like to ask you to send these fruits produced by our group to the national leaders to have a taste. If the country needs it, our group is willing to provide these fruits to the people of the country free of charge. When General Ji heard Qi Yue say this, his face suddenly became grave. "I'm afraid it's very difficult," he said. If it's just my personal delivery. It's good to say. However, it would be difficult for national leaders to use these fruits as a common food. You should know that the leadership of the country is the mainstay of our Yanhuang Republic. In order to prevent some unnecessary dangers, what the leaders eat needs to be closely checked. Moreover, it is not so easy to accept that you give it in the name of a company. "I've already thought about these questions," said Qi Yue. I know it's difficult. Only. As a member of the Republic of China, I hope to be able to contribute to the country. One thing I can guarantee is the fruit produced by our Kirin Group. It is unique in the whole country and even in the whole world. Its nutritional content is not comparable to any existing fruit at all. The brocade box I sent is a VIP gift box. Three of the fruits are representative products of our group, and the top layer is sapphire fruit. It is the best fruit in the sapphire series. The middle layer is the jadeite fruit, which is the representative of the jadeite series. The lower layer is the amethyst fruit, which belongs to the amethyst series. They all have different effects. Uncle, if you can trust me,warehouse rack manufacturer, you can taste it with your aunt first, I think. These fruits are enough to make you feel some changes in your body. I sincerely hope that our national leaders can be healthier before I come here to find your proposal, and I don't have any other ideas. I don't need the country to support our group after receiving the fruit. As long as the leaders are willing, I can give the fruit in private and keep it strictly confidential. As he spoke, Qi Yue took out all the inspection reports of the three series of fruits first launched by Kirin Group from his Kirin Pearl. The chapter above the report belongs to the National Inspection Center, which is the most authoritative inspection institution in the Republic of China. Ji Changming looked at Qi Yue,Narrow aisle rack, the light in his eyes has gradually become soft down, "rare you have this heart, well, then I will try for you." Qi Yue stood up with a smile and said, "Uncle, I won't disturb your rest.". In these test reports, I also put a list of the edible methods and applicable people of these three fruits. You can eat after you see it. It is also a filial piety of Mingming and me to you and your aunt. Ji Changming nodded, stood up and said, "Take good care of Mingming for me. If you have time, go home with her more often. After all, I have only one daughter!"! Qi Yue, you seem to have done something in the West a few days ago. Although I don't know what really happened, Drive in racking system ,Narrow aisle rack, you have attracted the attention of the country. Sometimes, you should try your best to put the interests of the country first. Do you understand? "Uncle," said Qi Yue, "I dare not say anything else, but I can assure you of one thing. No matter when, I am always a descendant of the Yellow Emperor, with the blood of the Yellow Emperor flowing on my body. Ji Changming sent Qi Yue to the door before stopping, watching Qi Yue take the elevator away, in his mind, still echoed Qi Yue's last words, the light in his eyes became more gratified, "What a good boy.". I don't know what kind of surprise he can bring me with these fruits. Closing the door, General Ji returned to the hall and picked up the inspection report left by Qi Yue. In addition to the military control zone where General Ji lived, Qi Yue drove directly to the headquarters of the Kirin Group. During the time when he went to the West, the whole group was handled by Snow Girl, Wen Ting and Ruyue. The chairman of the group didn't even show his face. Now it's not easy to come back, and the main purpose is for the group. You can't let the snow girl work too hard alone. Fortunately, Qi Yue has a strong sense of direction. He came to the office building where Kirin Group is located smoothly. With the registered capital of 100 million yuan of Kirin Group, it is naturally impossible to buy an office building. At the beginning, after the selection of Ruyue, he chose the second-class office building located in the city center and rented the top three floors for office use. General Ji did not worry too much about Qi Yue, after all, he was very confident about his original fruit. As long as General Ji has a good effect after eating. Then all the problems will be solved. He doesn't believe that the leaders of the country will give up these good things? Qi Yue came down from the treasure horse and walked directly into the office hall. As soon as he entered the door, he attracted the attention of the people in the hall. After all, his long white hair was too unique. It was in sharp contrast to the black clothes. In popular words, what a cool word. Qi Yue has been somewhat accustomed to such eyes, deliberately controlling his mental strength to release a layer of cold breath of strangers, indifferent to the elevator waiting. With a light ding, the elevator came, the door opened, and a man came out. And Qi Yue just face to face. When two people face to face, that person can not help but light ah, looked at Qi Yue to stop the footsteps. Qi Yue was also stunned for a moment. He knows this man. This is a woman, a very beautiful and extremely elegant woman. At the beginning, when he and Ruyue attended the auction, Ruyue had introduced him to the woman named Yueguan. It's Ruyue's future sister-in-law. Yue Guan wore a blue business suit with her long hair pulled up on top of her head, looking very smart and capable. Oh. Oh,Cantilever Storage rack, God! It's so cool that you have dyed white hair. Yueguan's words did not seem to be spoken by a woman of twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old at all. Now she is like a little girl. "Hello, Sister Yue," said Qi Yue with a wry smile. 。