Luo Han pursed his lips and frowned to refuse. It will be better in a short time. If you have a fever, you will be in a bad state. The nurse must have served the young owner better, especially the young owner's face was really red, so she did not hesitate to put on the thermometer gun. With a "beep", the nurse looked down and said, "Ah, it's all right. The temperature is normal." Xu Rui breathed a sigh of relief and regained his smile, only to find that Luo Han's face was a little smelly. In the past, Xu Rui would have pinched his face and told him not to have a bad temper. But now, as soon as she stretched out her hand, she drew it back. Alas, it was impossible to take the patient seriously. Out of the corner of his eye, Luo Han glanced at her hand and was about to smile, but when he saw her go back, he was somewhat disappointed. Xu Rui is also very disappointed. She and Luo Han that is how many years of small partners, this way of getting along with each other is really not used to. Not comfortable, not happy. More importantly, this way of getting along always reminds Xu Rui that Luo Han is not in good health, and there will be accidents. Now that she has arrived at Deai Hospital, Xu Rui will certainly not let the accident happen again, but it is not enough,heavy duty warehouse rack, she has to quickly let Luo Han's heart recover. Only in this way can they get back to normal and play happily. Xu Rui: "By the way, you said before, how to spread the benefits I won?" System 1212: "The little Comrade's memory is really bad, the welfare must pass the blood, the saliva, or the body.". Liquid propagation 。” Hearing this, Xu Rui thought about it and said, "My blood type is different from his. Blood is definitely not good. Saliva and body.". Liquid ……” Xu Rui,Industrial pallet rack, after all, is about to finish college, basic medical knowledge or some, saliva and body. What liquid means Of course she does. Body. This kind of pompous way is definitely not in the options. The problem is that saliva transmission is also very difficult. Xu Rui needs to confirm, "How does this saliva spread?"? What does it mean to spread? System 1212: Is that hard to understand? If you exchange your saliva with his saliva, isn't it spreading? Xu Rui: "…" System 1212: "Is there a problem?" Xu Rui: Of course there is a problem! Such a way is called kissing in Chinese. System 1212: "So?" Xu Rui: "That's what lovers do, and we're just little friends!" System 1212: "Oh, then you can choose not to spread, I think your little friend live for ten years should be no problem." Xu Rui was choked by the system and did not come back, even the heart was blocked, very uncomfortable. It was like hearing the news of Luo Han's death again, and Luo Han missed her before he died and helped her after he died. You can't be so selfish. Besides, she didn't like the sick brother Luo at all. Xu Rui secretly shook his head, gritted his teeth and made up his mind: "Pass, I must pass." Xu Rui nodded and said with a smile: "Cool and fashionable." Xia Shiya happily took this, Pallet rack beams ,Pallet rack upright, and then saw the document bag in Xu Rui's hand, "What is this? What did you just do?" Xu Rui was about to answer when a familiar voice sounded behind her: "Xia Shiya, Xu Rui, are you here, too?" As soon as they looked back, they saw Zheng Meixin carrying a stack of shopping bags. Next to her was a boy in his early twenties, who looked like her, with a dark complexion and a lean figure. Zheng Meixin introduced: "This is my brother Zheng Lei." Zheng Lei has the same single eyelid as his sister, with a small crew cut, and looks a little fierce. He took one look at Xia Shiya and Xu Rui and greeted them with a smile: "Hello, are you my sister's classmates in Huaya?" Although Xu Rui has many friends, she can't talk to Zheng Meixin, and naturally she has nothing to say to her brother. She and Xia Shiya exchanged a few pleasantries and went to pay the bill. Zheng Meixin is targeting Xu Rui. She saw that only Xia Shiya was carrying a few shopping bags, and the only one who paid the bill was the coat Xia Shiya had tried on, so she mocked: "I said little Rui Rui, after shopping for so long, you didn't buy anything again, did you?" There are still some customers in this fashion shop, and Zheng Meixin's voice is not small, so there are a few eyes cast over. Xia Shiya took the yellow man's wallet bag, "I bought it, isn't that what Xu Rui bought?" With these words, he stuffed the shopping bag back into Xu Rui's hand. "I went out for so long that I carried it for half a day." When Zheng Meixin saw the LV mark above, she could not help but cut it and said with a low smile, "I said, why do you always give Miss Zhu face?"? Can those who can afford lv live in an old apartment? Xu Rui one face is indescribable, "strange strange, buy lv to see room this even?" Xia Shiya also heard something wrong: "Did you take the gun medicine?" Zheng Meixin said in a hum, "I just can't bear to see someone who is obviously nothing, but still puts on the smelly airs of a young lady." Only then did Xu Rui understand that it was for this matter. When Xu Rui entered the school, his uncle Zhu yuanfeng did it, and he used a very hard relationship to get into the class. Maybe she said hello to the school director and didn't hide it from anyone, so most of the junior high school students knew that she was the granddaughter of the Zhu family. City C is only a second-tier city, and it is natural for everyone to see the rich and powerful families who often go to the financial weekly. Even if most of the students are either rich or noble, it is hard to avoid chasing Xu Rui. Xu Rui is very gregarious again, play, classmates call a "Miss Zhu" is also a joke. But Zheng Meixin was not in Huaya's junior high school. As soon as she came to high school, she heard her classmates call a guy who took a bus "Miss", and she was called a rich man. How could she not hold her breath. Xia Shiya hit back: "The Zhu family is not a young lady, are you?" Zheng Meixin listens to "big young lady" on the nest anger, she looked at Xu Rui one eye, "good, that Zhu family big young lady is to buy a dress casually, on the body is last year's style. It's not big at all, miss. In private schools, among the girls, it is hard to avoid comparison. Xu Rui really felt bored and said frankly, "The style of this brand doesn't match me. Even if it's punk,Pallet rack supplier, I still like Vivienne Westwood.". Besides, I've just spent all my money, and I have no money to buy clothes no matter how beautiful they are. 。