"They are all decades old, and they are used to waiting on people, so they can't take good care of people." Su Huaining put the veil away and went to more than a dozen women. Xu came over to salute, and then lowered his voice and said, "There are a few flexible eyes, but a lot of small minds, and two simple and honest, princess, the meaning of the Crown Princess, you know, the old slave suggested that the eldest young master buy those flexible women, but the eldest young master took a fancy to those simple and honest women." Su Huaiyu suggested that Su Muyun buy a few rough women back to take care of Su Bond, in fact, is to imprison Su Bond, let the woman watch him, do not let him mess up, but if the woman is simple and honest, where dare to look at the master. But Su Muyun did not understand what Su Huaiyu meant. In his mind, even if his father was bad to the bone, he was his own father. Since he was his own father, he had to be filial to him for a lifetime. Even if his father calculated him, he had to be filial to him, but he would guard against what he should guard against, but it did not affect his filial piety to his father, so Su Muyun wanted to buy a few honest and down-to-earth women to take care of his father. Su Huaining's eyes swept around more than a dozen women,Inflatable outdoor park, and sure enough, as Xu said, a few of them were flexible, and when they saw her, they were not honest, and they peeked at her with small eyes. Su Huaining turned to Su Muyun and pointed to the women and said, "Brother Yun, these women are good. I think they are very clever. Dad is confused now. He often wants to do something. If he goes on like this, he will make a bigger mistake in the future. Brother Yun,Inflatable indoor park, buy a few clever women to take care of Dad. He can also remind Dad from time to time so that Dad won't always be confused." Su Muyun originally wanted to buy a few honest and down-to-earth women to go back and take good care of his father, but when he heard Su Huaining's words, he did not hesitate and agreed. Chapter 2021 He felt that Su Huaining was right. Dad was confused now. If a simple and honest woman took care of him, she would not dare to remind her master. So Third Sister was right. She should buy some clever ones so that Dad wouldn't be confused again. What happened yesterday was done by my father on purpose, but none of the servants who took care of my father reminded him that my father could not do that. All the people around my father were bribed by my father, and they dared not mention anything about my father. If he buys a few simple and honest women to go home again, his own father says a few harsh words, may be frightened, when the time comes, how dare to remind his own father? "Well, I'll listen to Third Sister." Su Muyun found Cai steward, bought the five clever women, and signed the indenture of sale. Su Huaining exhorted him, "You personally keep the indentures of these people. Brother Yun, the best weapon to control a servant is the indenture. With the indenture, she dares not disobey you in whatever you ask her to do." Only then did Su Muyun realize that there were such means to deal with slaves. The indentures of the servants in the family used to be in the hands of Guo Shi. After Guo Shi was abandoned, they were all in the hands of his own father. No wonder, inflatable floating water park ,Inflatable indoor park, no matter what his own father did, the servants in the house did not dare to disobey. It turned out that this was the reason. Su Muyun's pedantic and stiff head seemed to open up all of a sudden, and in an instant he knew how to control people for his use. Third Sister, I know what to do in the future. Su Muyun said. After Su Muyun bought the person he needed, he did not go home, but followed Su Huaining. Seeing that Cai had brought more than twenty children who were only six or seven or eight years old, Su Muyun was curious and asked, "Third Sister, what do you buy children for? You can't order them back. They are too young. What can they do?" Su Huaining had already thought of a set of words, "The emperor has given me and your brother-in-law a palace to live in. It has been repaired. After the Lantern Festival, I will move there. Such a big mansion, the few people around me are not enough to arrange, so I specially came to choose a few more servant girls to go back." After a pause, he explained, "The servant girl is still a person trained by herself. She is also obedient and easy to manage.". ” "Although they are young and can't do any work, they also have the advantage of being young. Their temperament has not been decided yet. They are like a blank sheet of paper. You can paint any color on it. Unlike the older servant girls, who are too careful to work in other people's homes, they have already rolled into a rainbow. It's hard for you to correct them." Su Muyun, oh, some understand. Cai steward brought a total of twenty-six children, twelve girls, fourteen boys, the oldest nine years old, the youngest only four years old, or ignorant age, nothing. Su Muyun pointed to the youngest child and said, "Third Sister, if you buy such a small child back, are you going to ask the mother-in-law to take care of her to eat, drink and sleep?" In Su Muyun's mind, such a small child also wet the bed, even to eat people to feed, but also do so servants do work to wait on people ah? Even if you want to cultivate yourself, you have to be seven or eight years old, and you are a little sensible. It is said that the children of poor families are in charge early, but they have to be six or seven years old before they can work. No matter how early the children of four years old are in charge, they will at most learn to eat by themselves. You can't wear clothes, can you? Su Muyun looked at the youngest child several times with disapproval. Su Huaining is very important to the child, the child is not timid, a pair of clear eyes shining at her, eyes full of curiosity, but also alert and alert. Su Huaining smiled, walked over, reached out and pinched the child's arm, then his back, his legs. As soon as the child's eyes shrank, he subconsciously pushed Su Huaining away, but soon he seemed to think of something, raised his hand and put it down feebly, clenched his teeth, and endured Su Huaining touching him up and down. Su Huaining is so happy. The child has a light skeleton and is a good young man to practice martial arts. More importantly, at the age of four, it is the best time to start practicing martial arts. Su Huaining turned his head and asked the steward Cai, "How much silver is this child?" "Princess,inflatable castle with slide, you really want to buy this child, he." Although he can dress and eat by himself, he can't do anything. Cai steward is eager for Su Huaining to buy this boy quickly. joyshineinflatables.com