The child who came with Shi Jiaojiao immediately nodded and turned to run away. Shi Jiaojiao turned to look at the fat and shaking two pieces of meat as he ran. She couldn't help laughing. She was very calm when she came with herself just now. She thought the child was born old-fashioned and serious. Younger martial sister is in a good mood today. The man saw her laugh and couldn't help asking in surprise. He didn't know how long he hadn't seen his sister smile. Only then did Shi Jiaojiao move her eyes to the man. In the setting, she did not carefully write about the appearance of the master. She focused on describing his blind love for his younger martial sister. Later, she tried to let Zhe Hua Xian Zun go. But Shi Jiaojiao really came face to face with the master of the Younger Martial Sister Control, only to discover what a fairy he was. Too gorgeous description seems to be cumbersome, so to say, this master is also more than 200 years old in the book, but this tender, ah, seckill a lot of little fresh meat, face can not find any flaws. Rao Shi Jiaojiao knew that the person who got the Tao was to cultivate himself, and she couldn't stand it, but she couldn't help being swayed by the tolerant and gentle temperament of the master, and couldn't help looking twice more. Chasing the light is obviously very surprised, because his younger martial sister, usually basically do not look up at people. Shi Jiao, aware of his surprise, quickly lowered her complexion to just the right level. She naturally looked away and said lightly, "Elder Martial Brother's realm has risen a lot." Chasing the light was stupefied for a moment. Remembering that Younger Martial Sister was stuck in the realm and was almost possessed by the devil,Jumping castle with slide, she smiled stiffly and changed the subject. "Come in. I have something to say to you." Shi Jiao Jiao saw the past, followed by chasing light behind, after entering the room, two sitting at the table, the child has been running with a pot with quick hands and feet. After the child withdrew, Chui Guang poured Shi Jiao a cup with his own hands. It was clear that the boiling water, after passing through his hand,Inflatable meltdown, was handed to Shi Jiao, but it had become just the warm water in the mouth. Shi Jiaojiao was surprised. This Elder Martial Brother was too thoughtful. If we ate together, I'm afraid we're going to feed her? But his face was calm, and he took a sip to his mouth. Did not hold any expectations, but did not think of the entrance sweet and cool, obviously warm, but like ice water roar, very cool. It can be called the soda in the realm of cultivation! Shi Jiaojiao couldn't help drinking two more mouthfuls. When she put it down, she found that the chasing light was looking at her and laughing. Shi Jiaojiao coughed to hide it and asked, "Elder Martial Brother called me. I don't know what I want to explain." Chui Guang poured another cup for Shi Jiao. "You like Longyancao, but the spirit of the puppet is not enough to cook it to the best. I've always said that I want you to pick two children to serve, but you refuse to do so. You only dislike their noise." Chasing light did not say anything directly, but said these words slowly, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable bouncer, Shi Jiao Jiao felt that if he was a psychologist, he was absolutely top, this voice seems to have a soothing effect, people unconsciously follow the calm down. Shi Jiaojiao simply did not ask, drinking "soda", listening to him slowly persuade himself to put two children beside him, but also do not pick up, she also hooked up with the little apprentice, put the children too much trouble. Isn't it obvious why the original didn't agree? Are you busy killing people in Shuangxiu? Are there any complications for the children? When Shi Jiao drank another bowl and went to pour it herself, she was held down by a slender hand. Longyan grass is hot and dry, and should not be used more. After a pause, he finally got to the point. I heard that Younger Martial Sister ordered her disciple to go to the Secret Realm of Burning Heart. Chui Guang's complexion is still warm and moist, and his tone has not changed, but his eyes are a little more disapproving. "Your first disciple Chengxuan is not very good. Although the new disciple is talented, he is still young. The secret place of burning heart is very dangerous. People who are not mentally tough can't go out. I know Younger Martial Sister is eager to be a disciple, but now they are going to experience it alone. Is it too hasty?" "Huh?" Shi Jiao held the cup and froze, "burning the secret of the heart." When did she send those two to burn their hearts? ***! In the book, this secret place is the turning point of the relationship between the male and female protagonists. After Shi Jiao's revision, the two people experienced "danger" here and were completely close to each other. But that was a long time later, not at the point she crossed. Oh! She knows! At this time, Duan Chengxuan was already dead! The man is scared sick and can't get up! So is this the world's automatic blind filling again! The man does not go with the woman, and the man goes, she later changed those men and women must be able to trigger the romance and near miss, are completely useless, two small vegetable chicken into the advanced copy, and life?! Shi Jiaojiao stood up and nodded solemnly in the stunned line of sight, "I think Elder Martial Brother is right. I really acted too hastily." Shi Jiaojiao said as she ran outside, "I'm leaving, Elder Martial Brother!"! Go and wish my two young disciples a helping hand! Chapter 121 I'm sorry, brother. Shi Jiao was worried about the wind at her feet, but her figure flashed in front of her and raised her hand to stop her. Don't worry, Younger Martial Sister. I have ordered my disciples to get ready. The Great Competition of the Immortal Gate is coming soon. The boundary of the mountain has been opened these days. This time, you and I will go together with a group of disciples above the first rank. Let's try it before the Great Competition by burning the secret of our hearts. There is strength in numbers, but Shi Jiao doesn't know the moves of the Flower Fairy. She relies on her own powers. It's best to have this sister to control the elder brother. Shi Jiaojiao nodded with pleasure and followed the light to the hall in front of the mountain. The vast number of disciples gathered in front of the hall. There were more than two hundred people above the first step. Looking around, the green shirts were flying like clouds and dancing. Men and women were all immortal. The elder disciple assigned all the people into teams under the seat of chasing light, and soon they were ready to go. Team first, Shi Jiao Jiao is also the first time to see the real person Royal Sword ride the wind, or so many people together, for a time and see some stupefied, and a little panic in the heart. How is she going to go! Also Royal Sword? But She picked at the sword wrapped around her wrist, meditated for a long time,Inflatable water park on lake, and tried to pull it down to its normal size, but it did not move. Seeing all the people swish away, Shi Jiao picked her bracelet and became more and more anxious.