Hearing all this, Li Junyi's hanging heart was put down. I just hope that the heavy responsibility in the concert box last time can make Justin? Bieber is back on track It was not in vain that he had brought the boy into this colorful world. In August of 2010, it was the end of the month before we knew it. Li Junyi was still shooting "Breaking Dawn" day and night in Esme Island. In this case, Lin Yuner was also shooting the TV drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" day and night. Of course, the whole crew worked hard together. "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" has been confirmed to be officially broadcast on Monday, August 30, to start the drama's journey on kBs TV's Moonfire drama. Competing with "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" for the ratings of the Moonfire drama are sBs' "I Am Legend", led by Kim Jong-un, and mBc's "Tongyi", a historical drama starring Han Hyo-joo and Ji Jin-hee, which was broadcast in February this year and has been broadcast for half a year. Its popularity has not diminished, and it has been praised as a gathering comparable to "Dae Jang Geum". Therefore, the competition for the schedule of the Moonfire drama is still very fierce. At the same time, Kim Hyun Joong starred in the Korean version of the "prank of the n" will also be at the same time, Deng6 Shuimu drama competition, with Park Youqian, Lin Yuner and other idol singers led by the "Sungkyunkwan scandal" is bound to be used for comparison. In the busy days of filming, the passage of time is always imperceptible. It seems that the "Sungkyunkwan scandal" started shooting yesterday, and today is the day of broadcasting. In this broadcast day, there are joy and tension, all the crew members with different moods, are looking forward to the official broadcast of the TV series. Song Zhongji sat on the stone chair of the pavilion, a little absent-minded, staring at the dark night sky, thinking about some 1u 1uàn things in his mind. It has been almost three years since he joined the "Yi Family". In fact, the "Yi Family" has given him a lot of plays. The roles are light and heavy, but he always lacks some luck and fails to make a name for himself. In the "Sungkyunkwan scandal" cast, he is the least famous actor. This time,PET bottle Mold, the script of "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" was chosen by Lee Jun-yi himself, and it was also the first time for the "Yi Family" to test the water. Although Song Zhongji knew that it was up to people to do things and it was up to God to accomplish things, any work was completed by everyone who worked hard and worked together, hoping to get good results, but how could the audience expect it. Therefore, in the days when the "Sungkyunkwan scandal" is about to be broadcast, Song Zhongji is still somewhat nervous. With a long sigh of relief, he was born in 1985 and is 25 years old this year. Although this is not a very old age for an actor, the problem is that he is not sure how much time he can spend in this circle. Green net, not everyone can afford it. When I was a child, I thought I would become a skating player who won glory for my country. After I was injured, I thought I would become a white-collar worker who worked from nine to five. After acting, I thought that I would be a good actor who moved people's hearts. But it seems that nothing has been done so far. Thinking of this, Song Zhongji's white face could not help showing a bitter smile. Jong-ki, PET blow moulding machine ,water filling machine, what are you doing here? But go and wait for the broadcast? Liu Yaren wanted to come out to get some air and Chou a cigarette, but unexpectedly Song Zhongji, who was hiding in the night's sè, came over. Now "Sungkyunkwan scandal" the entire crew has a holiday, let everyone go to watch the broadcast, cheer for the new drama broadcast. Song Zhongji looked up, and now after Liu Yaren, the mask that had been armed had resumed its bitterness and nodded, "Go.". I just feel a little tired and sit outside. In the past two months, Song Zhongji and Liu Yaren have become very good friends because they play more opposite roles in the play. What, a burden on the ratings? Liu Yaren stood outside the pavilion and did not go in. The red dots of cigarette butts flickered on and off in the night. He knew that Song Zhongji didn't smoke, so he didn't go in. Don't let others breathe second-hand smoke. At this time, both of them are still wearing costumes, Korean era robes, but fortunately, the ventilation effect is good, the coat is open, and they will not feel hot at night. As soon as the night wind blew, Liu Yaren's clothes were floating in front of Song Zhongji's eyes, as if he had returned to the ancient times hundreds of years ago. This idea, let Song Zhongji can not help smiling, just bitter mood also eased a lot. You are blind to your own heart. Liu Yaren finished smoking, threw it on the ground, stamped it out, and went into the pavilion. There is no lighting here, only the moonlight falls coldly. To worry about the ratings, it is also a burden for people like Zhunyi. We haven't had any good results before, and this time the results are worse than before, and the media will not be surprised; better than before, that is a happy event. So, in any case, we won't lose. To sum up in Chinese, in a word, barefoot is not afraid of wearing shoes. Song Zhongji looked at Liu Yaren sitting down beside him, "cut" and said contemptuously, "Some time ago, people who have attracted much attention because of Cinderella's sister are not qualified to say this." Since Liu Yaren's debut, it can be said that there are many works on the list, but he is not the focus of attention, the only one "Cinderella's sister" let him a little fire. Liu Yaren is out of a nasal voice, contempt back, "those lights are Wen Genying, I was just mentioned by the way." Liu Yaren's words are actually very modest, but he did not give Song Zhongji the opportunity to continue to attack himself, and then said,juice filling machine, "Every work is a new beginning, whether we can achieve results is beyond our control.". It's better to relax and make a good film than to worry about the future here. "But." Song Zhongji opened his mouth, but now he could not say anything. gzxilinear.com