"Is it difficult for everyone to steal your wine and you have to get it back in this way?" Mo Xiangwan asked, puffing out his cheeks. If he dares to answer "yes", she will send the wine to Fang Xing to drink! See if he wants to kiss Fang Xing's mouth and get the wine back! Mo Xiangwan gritted his teeth and thought! "Only you!" Sak's dark eyes are deep and bottomless. "You are special!" Originally thought that Sak would fool around with the answer, did not expect this man suddenly serious up, congealing her eyes, appears to be affectionate infinite, but let Mo Xiangwan unprepared. You, you, you.. Don't mess around! Mo Xiangwan stammered a little, "to tell you the truth!"! I'm married in country C! Not just a married woman, but a mother of a child! My husband will never let you go if you mess with me again! A married woman? The mother of the child? Sak raised his eyebrows and smiled. "I don't care!" Volume 4, Verse 895: Tastes Good! (4) The man stepped forward, pushed Mo Xiangwan to the wall, put his palm on the wall, and trapped her in it. "My little maid, do you know what these names mean to me?" Mo Xiangwan leaned his back against the cold wall and stared at Sak. Taboo! Amorous feelings! Sak perversely licked his lips, "I heard that a woman who has given birth to a child knows how to be a sexually happy woman!" Sak, relying on the poor language of C country, deliberately said "happiness" as "sexual happiness", meaning, it is also an earth-shaking change! Mo Xiangwan's whole body burned up. She deliberately said that she was a married woman and the mother of her child, just to test Sak, who knew that Sak did not take it seriously at all, but also had the cheek to say such words as "taboo" and "amorous feelings"! Hum! If he hadn't been Kurosawa, if he hadn't been her first man,ultrasonic extraction cbd, could he have said that with confidence? "You don't care that I care!" Mo Xiangwan covered his chest, a posture of guarding against sexual predators, "My body and mind only belong to my husband!"! If you dare to use force on me, I will die for you! Sak twisted his eyebrows. "Aren't you afraid I'll release last night's video?" "What are you afraid of?" Mo Xiangwan rolled his eyes. "Besides, I'm dead. I can control so much!" Hey! When did this little woman learn to be a scoundrel? Sak has a headache. Mo Xiangwan is alive in his side, not to mention her invisible charming temptation to him, just her magnetic field, can really affect him, so that he does not want to rub this little thing into his bone marrow for a moment! But now Mo Xiangwan looks like a chaste woman, not to kiss, not to touch. Is it true to treat her as a little maid, can only look at, but can not eat? God, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,sonicator homogenizer, isn't this going to suffocate him alive? Sak never thought that one day, Kurosawa would become his rival in love! Shit! He can't tell Mo Xiangwan that he is Kurosawa Yao! Sak, this worry! Taking advantage of Sak's relaxed vigilance, Mo Xiangwan went out from under the man's arms, trotted a few steps, and made a face at Sak. God damn it! Won't Mo Xiangwan already recognize himself as Kurosawa Yao? In Sak's mind, the alarm went off. Just those words, should be Mo Xiangwan want to force him to admit that he is Kurosawa Yao, just deliberately said it? Sak's head hurts even more when he thinks about it. So reasoning down, that is to say, Mo Xiangwan that meaning, if he does not admit that he is Kurosawa Yao, she will not give him touch? God damn it! To expose his identity for such a reason, Shen Qingshan and Hua Baiqing will laugh at him until they know the truth, right? When Sak was tormented by Mo Xiangwan, a silver ring on his left little finger suddenly flashed two blue lights. That ring is simple and plain, without any decoration, not even the LOGO that can mark the brand, so ordinary that it looks like the tail goods that can be seen everywhere on the stall. The flash of blue light is also very weak, if not in the dark night, the average person is difficult to detect with the naked eye! Sak noticed the blue shimmer in time, mainly because the ring, while flashing, would emit a small vibration to remind the transmission of information. Seeing Mo Xiangwan enjoying his lunch happily, Sak quietly retreated from the kitchen and went to the study to make sure there was nothing unusual. Then he took out a small receiver from behind a hidden elephant God painting. Volume 4, Verse 896: Tastes Good! (5) Connect the receiver to the computer, and then log in to the secret server that even the black old man doesn't know, and after a few seconds of buffering on the screen, the message from Shen Qingshan is displayed. In order to prevent Du Ye and Du Ziheng from inquiring about Sak's contacts through communication equipment and digital products, Sak used a private satellite that was secretly launched to locate the server system when he was in charge of the underworld. There are only three people who know how the server information is transmitted: Shen Qingshan, Gu Zhengsheng, and Kurosawa Yao. Not even the peacock! Flower peacock does not know the reason, mainly attributed to Le goods in the design is absolutely first-class genius, but in science and technology, is an idiot. Out of security considerations, even if the peacock was so curious that he almost knelt down in front of Kurosawa Yao to ask for clearance, Kurosawa Yao did not give the password! At this point, the black screen shows a line of small print: mother and daughter are safe. Sak laughed immediately. Originally, this is Shen Qingshan to report good news! The night before last he left the small attic, then returned here, with Shen Qingshan they contact, discuss how to get Mo Xiangwan to his side. What made him laugh and cry was that the three men patted their chests one by one and said they would come to Thailand to help him. As a result,ultrasonic molten metal, they all went to play mahjong together. As soon as he entered the server, the three men greeted him warmly, saying that one of the three was missing! Sak really has the impulse to shoot at the mahjong table with a submachine gun. fycgsonic.com