The man saw that the girl had not cared about his words, sighed, and did not persuade him again. But when the girl saw the Elder Martial Brother sighing, she knew that the Elder Martial Brother was disappointed with her. He hugged the man's arm again and said, "Elder Martial Brother, don't be so stingy. At the worst, I'll let you kiss him." When the nun heard the girl's words, he said hurriedly, "Sister Xiuer, don't talk nonsense outside." All right, I won't talk nonsense. What do you think is good about the city of Moyue? Master, they are going to the city of Moyue, and they want us to go to the city to meet them? If you ask me, it's just a convention. The girl called Xiuer asked again. The man did not scold the girl this time, but said cautiously, "This time the city of Moyue and the city of Dan are strong and strong. Maybe the two cities will merge into one city after the meeting.". There are many Dan kings in the city of Moyue in the past, plus the Dan King of Dan City, do you think there will be so many Dan medicines in the city of Moyue? The price is even cheaper than you can imagine. The division went to the city of Moyue, of course,ultrasonic welding transducer, to purchase a batch of elixirs. Hearing this, I couldn't help it. The city of Moyue and Dancheng can be said to be enemies. How can they unite? And Yue Qichao and Shen Yanqing can not agree to cooperate with Dancheng, what is going on? Just as he was about to ask, the friar in charge of the transport array said, "Four friends, hurry up to the transport array. The transport array will be opened soon." He thought that after the transmission to Nan'an City, he would soon be able to fly back to the city of Moyue. He resisted the impulse to ask and pulled Xu Yuehua into the transmission array. The distance from Mohai City to Nan'an City is not long. He only feels a little dizzy because of his spiritual cultivation. In the process of transmission, he can even feel the fluctuation of space. If he could feel the fluctuation of space in the process of transmission and the process of advancing in the void,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, maybe he could understand the real means of tearing space, and when his cultivation was higher, he could tear space. The divine realm, as expected, was a huge cookie, and only then did he truly realize the benefits of the divine realm. The array master can arrange the transport array, but it is completely different from the master who refines the broken amulet. If the master wants to refine the broken space amulet or the space amulet, he must have a certain understanding of the void space and a certain perception of the torn space. But the array master does not use it. When the array master arranges the transport array, he does not have to understand how the transport array breaks through the void. He does not need to understand the trajectory of the transported monk in the void. They just need to understand the array. Of course, if a master of array understands the profound meaning of space transmission at the same time, then the master of array is completely beyond the ordinary master of array. At this moment, he seemed to understand why Chu Jiuyu could arrange the transport array to break the boundary. Even why, he can refine the broken array plate. Ten years ago, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic metal welding, I had been looking for cultivation resources near Nan'an City, when I was sent directly outside Nan'an City. It took me nearly ten years to save some Lingshi and go to Mohai City with some friends. After Xu Yuehua came to Nan'an City again, he could not help feeling in his heart. He knew that Xu Yuehua must have a lot of feelings at this time, but he did not have time to take Xu Yuehua to see the name he left on the test tablet. When he and Xu Yuehua came out of the transport array to the gate of Nan'an City, the two monks, a man and a woman, had already left the gate. When the man saw them coming out, he nodded to them, but the girl named Xiuer stared at them. She wanted to see what flying magic weapon they were using. She was going to brag about such a big cow just now. How long will it take us to reach the city of Moyue? Xu Yuehua subconsciously asked, she alone in the desert city practice, heard that light snow Jingwen and others have come, she has long wanted to talk to them in the past. "It won't be long," he said. "I estimate that it will take half a day at most. If it's fast, it won't even take half a day. ” This is said at random, but a man and a woman at the gate of the two monks were stunned, from the city of Nan'an to the city of Moyue as long as half a day, what is this magic weapon of flight? Can't you move it? That male Xiu heart is more frightened, if what he said is true, then the cultivation is really unfathomable, can half a day from Nan'an City to the city of Moyue monks, can be simple? (To be continued) Chapter 1412 the first forbidden place. .. co But the more the man did not want to provoke him, the more the girl did not understand his idea. At this moment that young girl also heard the words of Kui, immediately surprised and said: "Hey, you also go to the city of Moyue ah, we are also going there." Then the girl thought and added, "However, you are too bragging, half a day, I tell you the truth.". If you can get to the city of Moyue in six or seven days, you will be quick. Seeing that his Younger Martial Sister was looking for trouble again, the man hurriedly came up and folded his fists and said, "I'm sorry, my friend. My Younger Martial Sister has never been out. If the language offends, please forgive me." He smiled and motioned that it was all right. He had seen that although the girl spoke bluntly and sometimes very blunt, it was not intentional, but simply unworldly. It can be seen that it is also a flower who only knows how to practice in the school all the year round, but does not know how to come out to experience. Seeing that it was not difficult to speak, the man breathed a sigh of relief and said again, "My name is Lin Zhishen. This is my younger martial sister Mu Qingxiu. They are both disciples of Tianquan Gate. This time I went to Moyue City to join the school.". I just heard from my friend that you are also going to the city of Moyue? Then we can go together. Kui also clasped his fists and said, "My surname is Ye, and I am indeed going to the city of Moyue.". Since Brother Lin is also going to the city of Moyue, let's take my spaceship together, so that the speed is faster. Because I want to go with Lin Zhishen, maybe I can ask something on the way. He did not say his name,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, because just now he heard Lin Zhishen admire him very much, afraid that after he said his name, Lin Zhishen would be subjectively affected when asked.