Fan Liting hated Tao yuanyi for being so vicious that his skirt shook. "It's impolite to come but not to go," he said in a loud voice. "Tao, take it!" Under the shock, all the hidden weapons attached to the lapel rushed to the place where Tao yuanyi stopped, and the sound of breaking through the air was loud, and it seemed to be stronger than when Tao yuanyi just sent out! Tao yuanyi was ecstatic, but the other side had been prepared and fought back. He was caught off guard. With a scream, he died under his hidden weapon. Fan Liting did not look back and strode forward. Can not walk a few steps, suddenly the figure flashed, two people stand to meet the road. Fan Liting looked at the two men in silence, only to see a man on the left sign up coldly: "Eye of fire." A dumb voice on the right said, "a thousand miles!" Fan Liting nodded his head and said coldly, "I've heard a lot about you."! I wonder how many golden chairs you two sit in the Thirteen Wonders? The eye of fire still answered coldly, "Eight, nine!" Fan Liting secretly thought, "These two guys are the eighth and ninth. In this way, Tao yuanyi is the tenth.". Plus the first two people, a total of five, alas! There are still eight masters eyeing covetously around here. Think of here, in the heart not by one Rin, the place that bandages gauze on the head, it is a sharp pain again, have a kind of feeling that skill does not continue unexpectedly. It turned out that Fan Liting had fought with a master a few days ago. Unfortunately, he was seriously injured. Although he had been convalescing for several days, his internal force was still not enough. Especially when he had broken the "broken needle" of Tao yuanyi with superior gas in his skirt, he moved his True Qi again. At this time,ultrasonic dispersion machine, he felt uncomfortable and was very anxious. He thought, "It seems that I won't do it quickly. I'm afraid that although I can't lose, I'll be injured and die!"! Hey, this Pearl! Thinking of the pearl in his bosom, he felt even more anxious. He rubbed his hands together and said coldly, "Excuse me?" Wanliqiuhao shook his head and said with a slight smile, "We ordered the ladle handle down!" "All right, we'll see," said Fan Liting. With the words,ultrasonic generator driver, the offensive has been launched. He did not know that although the two men's kungfu was not too strong, they were light, but they were first-class. His body was moving, and the two men were already left and right, and their four palms were attacking behind Fan Liting. Fan Liting swung from side to side to avoid the offensive. As soon as his body grew, he broke through the air and rose. He knew that he was fast, and the eyes of fire and the hair of thousands of miles were even faster. The two of them were like slippery fish and slipped away. Fan Liting's figure was like an unrestrained style, and he came in a flash. His figure stopped in the air, and his view was clear. "Sanshou Shenquan" spread steeply, and the void pressed behind the eyes of fire and thousands of miles of autumn hair. This flying skill is a unique skill in his life, which is called "unrestrained style". His body can stop in the air, and the speed is fast. He is famous for his slippery eyes and thousands of miles, but he can't escape. At that time, Fan Liting stopped in the air and took a breath of True Qi. Suddenly, he felt a feeling of True Qi glowing, and knew that the internal injury had recurred. Startled, the body immediately fell down. "Hey," Wanli Qiuhao suddenly felt the strong wind hitting his body. He exhaled and shouted loudly. He hit his backhand with a palm. Fan Liting's true strength was scattered. The wind of the enemy's palm had already reached his body. With a loud shout, ultrasonic dispersing machine ,ultrasonic handheld welder, he managed to concentrate with a slight bend of his left elbow and took Wanli Qiuhao's palm. His body could not help shaking. He managed to stand on the ground and shake his right hand, but it was already ineffective. Wanliqiuhao and the eye of fire were surprised and uncertain, and were stunned to one side. Fan Liting took a fierce breath of True Qi, adjusted the uncertain blood Qi, sent his left and right hands together, and "waited for the rabbit" in the style of "Sanshou Shenquan". Fire Eye and Wanli Qiuhao were surprised and suspicious. Fan Liting's palms had already hit his side. They were shocked. His heels were on the ground. He shrugged forward and wanted to run away. Fan Liting gave a long roar. His palms grew violently, and his palms spat out. "Sniff" and "sniff" twice. Fire Eye and Wanli Qiuhao had moved, their sternum had been broken, and they fainted on the ground. Fan Liting took a step forward. His horse sank and stood firmly. "Learn from me," he shouted. While speaking, slowly adjust your breath and try to calm your mind. After a while, a hoarse voice in the darkness answered, "Three golden darts, Shen Shu, give me a brilliant move." With the voice, a tall man walked out slowly. Fan Liting felt a shock in his heart and said in a deep voice, "Why does Master Shen associate with such a person?" Originally this Shen Shu is a generation of chivalrous thieves, usually and Fan Liting has a friendship, at this time Shen Shu is actually a character in the ten wonders of the green forest, can be really beyond Fan Liting's expectation. "There's no need to say more, Master Fan," said Shen Shusha. "I'll learn from him." He said and raised his hand. Fan Liting thought to himself, "In the past, these three golden darts were used to fight all over the country with their unique skills. It can be said that there are very few people who can defeat this man with hidden weapons. Today, they turn their friends into enemies, but the outcome is not yet known." Just as she was hesitating, Shen Shu raised her right hand, and the golden light flashed. The first golden dart flew out of her hand, but when she saw the golden light flickering, the momentum was amazing. Fan Liting Ling Shen to wait, the body of a short, whoosh, the golden dart over the head, is getting up, behind the strong wind, a good three golden darts, such a heavy hidden weapon has been trained by him into this ingenious play. Fan Liting's body suddenly folded forward, his head asked the ground again, and he finally escaped the dart. Shen Shu raised his right hand again, and the second golden dart flew away. Fan Liting's body had not yet stood up, and he was forced to raise his right foot to the golden dart. That knows Shen Shu how to wait for gimmick, whole dart just arrives nearby, suddenly a spin, drop to hit a circle in the air, fiercely attack downward. Fan Liting's foot was empty, his body kept moving, left and right, barely flashed the golden dart, but his clothes were also cut by the golden dart. His face turned red, and his figure, like the wind, took a step to the left and a step to the right. It was too late to speak, but it was too fast. Shen Shu shouted in a deep voice, "Here!" But see a wisp of golden light flying through the air, whirring out the sound of breaking the air. This dart is Shen Shu's stunt, the dart just a shot, the body at the same time a shock,ultrasonic dispersion machine, dare he finished this dart, the skill is greatly reduced. Fan Liting was well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of this dart. I don't know how many heroes and heroines failed on this dart. They dared to be careless at all. They snapped and raised their palms together. With the sound of wind and thunder, the dart flew over with a "whoosh".