They are in the river city, in the underground labyrinth, although there are certain reserves, but the reserves are not too much, far less common than cold iron, fire copper, is the so-called rare things are expensive, the price naturally rises. Mithril and fine gold are not only common alchemy materials. They are also common materials for building soldiers in the spirit world. Mage soldiers need mithril! Healing soldiers need to use fine gold! There is a big market for this material! Because the era of all the people being lords and all the people supporting the army is coming! Now build a few more production channels, not only beneficial to the development of their own territory, but also to obtain a lot of wealth, is a good thing to kill two birds with one stone! "Fish people's huge and cheap production labor force, these are also valuable resources, we can not waste." Hang Yu glanced at the map and said to Su Yunbing, "This ship is too small after all. We should build a fishman factory." Su Yunbing nodded and said, "Well, I have a preliminary plan for the arrangement of fish man productivity. I'm going to set up a large fish man factory near Yunshui Town." Hang Yu found the town of Yunshui in the map. Su Yunbing explained: "Yunshui Town is a small town along the river twenty or thirty miles away from Jiangcheng. It is not only built along the river,Marble Projects, but also an industrial town. Now there are many existing vacant factories that can be used directly." "In addition to these conveniences, the most important point is that it is close to several major resource production areas, with abundant mithril, fine gold, purple gold, cold iron,Slate Wall Panel, fire copper, black iron wood and other resources, in addition to the discovery of a large area of superior spiritual land, is an ideal environment." Hang Yu said: "This location is really good, but this is a small town, to transport a boat of fish people in the past, will not be a problem?" Su Yunbing said with a smile, "Don't worry. The last time the monster attacked the city, most of the towns near Jiangcheng had already been evacuated. Yunshui Town is an empty town. There is no one left." OK! Very good! Hang Yu nodded with satisfaction: "You are indeed Mr. Su. What should be thought of and considered has been arranged, but I worry too much. In this case, we will build our fishman production base with Yunshui Town as the center!" The matter is officially settled. It is different from Qinglong Community Production Base. The production of Qinglong community is mainly the production of finished products such as potions and equipment. Yunshui town production base is a material distribution center, mainly using the advantages of geographical environment, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, as well as the cheap labor brought by a large number of fish production soldiers, large-scale collection of resources, ore, processing and refining, mainly producing semi-finished products. It is mainly responsible for providing the materials needed for the construction and building of the spiritual realm, as well as the materials needed for the production of commodities in the Qinglong community, and the surplus can be sold directly for profit. Materials required for at least the primary arms. This place has it all! When the acquisition of raw materials, the manufacture of finished products and the sales platform are all in their own hands, they can gain the greatest degree of independence without worrying about being controlled by others in the future. He took another look at the map provided by Shalu. What about the other Storm Tribe Pathfinders that are growing? Hang Yu felt that he should find an opportunity to cooperate with Skynet to clean up, benefit the country and benefit himself, which was his favorite thing to do. Chapter 342 the Messenger of the High Lord. Saru got this boat. Hang Yu also showed relatively great interest. This is a kind of warship of the Storm Tribe, which originally has many functions, but the conditions are not enough to show all of them. Even so, this strange wooden boat has many abilities that humans can't understand or say are unexpected. For example. It looks like a sailboat. In fact, it has the ability of automatic kinetic energy and even diving. Except for the upper deck, the other three decks are sealed, and the whole ship can dive directly underwater, where, despite its limited mobility, it can be undetected. As for automatic kinetic energy, it is easy to understand. The sails were laid out in a low formation. Therefore, in the absence of wind, the ship can also be pushed to move, and the speed is not slow. In addition, carrying the fog tower can create fog when necessary, which is also a kind of hiding itself, and plays a very significant role in resisting the invasion of monsters in the process of long-term voyage. All the above abilities. All of them have high utilization value. Hang Yu plans to build a fish production base in Yunshui Town and let Saru get more boats like this from the Storm Tribe. In this way. Take the production base of Yunshui Town as the center. These boats can be used as collection boats and sent out through the Yangtze River or its tributaries. In addition to collecting various resources and materials along the way and setting up various strongholds, they can also dig through the transportation network through waterways. When the world's transportation network was almost paralyzed. At present, only a few large forces and the military have relatively stable transportation channels, and for small and medium-sized forces and civilians, cross-city trade is almost impossible. If Hang Yu can borrow the power of the fish man. To create a transportation network by opening up water transport. Then the big cities in the Yangtze River Basin can be connected in series. This will realize the circulation of resources and personnel, and huge profits can be made by relying solely on water transport and shipping trade. Worth looking forward to! Hang Yu and Su Yunbing went to the bottom warehouse. There are a lot of boxes stacked here, all kinds of materials, a full one or two thousand copies, some of which are the strategic materials of the fish people transmitted by the storm tribe, and some of which are collected by the fish people after crossing. Su Yunbing said, "You can see if any of these materials can be used. Your spiritual territory has just been established,Agate Stone Price, and the foundation is not very stable. It is time to need materials." Hang Yu glanced at it. There are a lot of materials. But there is no special demand. Instead of giving it to Hang Yu, it would be better to leave it to Sha Lu. Many materials are also needed in the construction of Yunshui Town production base. Hang Yu not only does not intend to use these materials, but also prepares to add a number of resources to Shalu from the Qinglong Society to speed up the construction of the production base.