"Dongfang Shuo, what are you doing?" Yan Junlai thought to himself, "This Sun Wukong, it seems that no one cares about him. I have to be the Tang monk." Secretary Yan, you don't know that I like this kind of outspoken swearing best! One of the advantages of his swearing was that he got rid of the relationship with the report. Before Dongfang Shuo had finished speaking, Zhao Shifa, who was depressed, grabbed the conversation: "Anyway, I didn't report it. Now, in front of Secretary Yan and the head of Fang Township, how can you say that you hit me?" I don't think it's interesting to talk about anything else now! The pain on Zhao Shifa's body is small, but the more important thing is heartache: like myself, how can I raise my head in Chaoyang Township in the future? "Have you ever heard of Bu Ru, deputy chief of the city criminal police brigade." "Don't gossip!"! If you don't give me a quick answer, I, the deputy head of the township, will quit and make it clear to you. My father and mother never hit me when I grew up. When Dongfang Shuo saw that Zhao Shifa's eyes were full of tears, he knew that he had been wronged. "Why are you so impatient?" He asked? Can't you hear me out? Zhao Shifa twisted his head and sat down. Mayor Ma's secretary, Dawei. "We all know that Mayor Ma is your uncle. Don't carry him out to press us." Even if your father is Li Gang, you have to be reasonable! Zhao Shifa is angry, did not wait for Dongfang Shuo to finish, he once again angrily expressed his point of view. Township head Zhao, calm down! Let's hear what the head of Dongfang Township has to say first. Fang Dexin, a good old man, became interested in Dongfang Shuo's words. He turned to Dongfang Shuo with a smile and said, "Head of Dongfang Township, tell me!" As he spoke, he turned his head to Dongfang Shuo. The two people I'm talking about are going to get married on National Day! Dongfang Shuo said here, deliberately stopped for a moment. The four of them listened, but they didn't say anything. They were all guessing: What on earth is this guy going to say? "Do you know who made the match between them." That's me! When Dongfang Shuo said this, he stopped again. Alas, the head of Dongfang Township, why do you stop at the critical moment like you used to sing books? Fang Dexin listened anxiously and complained. Dongfang Shuo took out a pack of Yunyan from his trouser pocket, and everyone except Yin Xinyao lost one in front of him. He lit it himself, took a puff, blew a smoke ring, and then said slowly, "They were embarrassed at first.". Since I got along well with both of them, outdoor digital signage displays , I made it clear directly in front of them that you two should fall in love from now on! That big Wei is also too honest, more than thirty years old big man, listen to me to say this also blush. "And then what happened?" Fang Dexin saw that he spoke slowly, and the question seemed to urge him to speak quickly. Later, Dawei took the initiative several times, and in this way, it became. This is not, the National Day has decided to get married! "Then you're going to the wedding party?" Fang Dexin thought, it seems that this guy is the nephew of Mayor Ma. Otherwise, how can he speak with these smart people? His question was more or less flattering. He doesn't invite anyone, and they want to invite me as a matchmaker! The day Dawei decided to get married, the first one informed me, and that Bu Ru. "What do you mean by mentioning it at this time?" Yan Junlai seemed to recognize the overtones of Dongfang Shuo. When Fang Dexin heard Yan Junlai's question, he naturally had a heart to heart, so he laughed. Zhao Shifa's heart was like beating a drum, and Yin Xinyao was even more so. How can they not understand the voice that others can hear? "Zhao Shifa, if you really didn't report it, if your relationship with Xiao Yin hasn't been made clear, you can ask Xiao Yin for a marriage in front of the two old leaders!" Dongfang Shuo looked up at the ceiling and said. This time, Zhao Shifa did not know what to do. He was full of hatred for Dongfang Shuo, but at this moment, his heart was beating like a war drum. The hatred of Dongfang Shuo was temporarily put aside. "But in the future, if I find out that you reported it, even if you are together, I will separate you!" Dongfang Shuo said with a bad look on his face. …… I Didn't I say that? I.. Do I have to report me as a son of a bitch? Who would have thought that Zhao Shifa's mouth was numb at this time, and once again he said that he had been dissatisfied with this sentence. Has the relationship between you two been made clear? "Dongfang Shuo's eyes were still fixed on the ceiling-a piece of mildew as big as a laundry bucket." No No No Zhao Shifa answered realistically. Then what are you waiting for? Don't you propose to Xiao Yin in front of the two old leaders? Things came too suddenly, Zhao Shifa stood up shivering, looking at Yin Xinyao, lips kept moving, but could not speak. Yin Xinyao was even more embarrassed, rubbing her hands repeatedly. Fang Dexin, a good old man, was also happy to see it. He kept nodding his head and said, "I think.." Township head Zhao, say a few words. Say a few words now and leave no regrets in the future! Zhao Shifa's parents urged him very urgently for this matter, coupled with his father's poor health, he was also worried that his father would leave without seeing his son get married, which would leave a great regret! Besides, Yin Xinyao is indeed the Snow White in her mind. Thinking of this, his legs were weak and he really knelt down: "Xinyao, the head of Dongfang Township said.." Do you agree.. "What do you call that? Say it again!" Dongfang Shuo said with great dissatisfaction. Xinyao, I beg you, you marry. Marry me! Zhao Shifa raised his head bravely and stared into her eyes. Yin Xinyao stood up and pulled him up. Of course she agreed to his proposal, but she thought it was too cheap for Dongfang Shuo. You Seeing that Yin Xinyao did not speak, Zhao Shifa's heart hung in his throat. hsdtouch.com