The blood was flying all over the sky, just like the chrysanthemums blooming all over the mountain, and the dead bodies of the guards were flying in the air, and they didn't understand. How could the swordsman in white hide above the Hanging Temple, which had already been checked. Everything, like slow motion, is very meticulous and alarming in front of Fan Xian's eyes. Out of the corner of his eye, he could even see clearly that the prince was rushing to his majesty with a sad face. His loyal and brave appearance was really touching. But unfortunately, the prince happened to step on the wine cup that his brother had dropped by mistake. He could not slide, and the whole person was about to fall to the ground in a funny posture. Destined, chance coincidence, at this time only from your majesty, the fastest reaction of Fan Xian, to do this loyal minister filial son. The hair on the back of Fan Xian's neck stood up. The killing intention on the sword behind him was purer and more violent than that of the nine-grade assassin in front of him. In a very short time, it aroused the hostility buried deep in his heart. He was confident that in this moment, he would save His Majesty and the third brother beside him at the same time, but he was sure to be seriously injured by the white swordsman behind him. But he decided to fight, such a good opportunity, stingy Fan Xian refused to miss, such a strong enemy, competitive Fan Xian, refused to miss! But at this time,interactive kiosk price, to Fan Xian's chills, the assassins finally made their last move. This time the other side used the nails buried in the palace guards of Qingguo for ten years, and I don't know how much it cost, please move the swordsman in white, fight to damage his coolie management in Qingguo for more than ten years, lure away Grandfather Hong, and move at the right time, which created the current wonderful situation-but the nine-grade assassin is not a killing move. Even the swordsman in white with a fierce sword was not a killing move. The real killing move comes from behind Emperor Qingguo! The handsome little eunuch who had previously offered chrysanthemum wine,facial recognition thermometer, when the emperor was forced back a few steps by the swordsman in white, was just in front of him. As soon as he turned over the wine table, he reached out his hand and touched it in the pillar. Like a magic trick, he conjured up a gray dagger and plunged it into the back of the emperor! The dagger was hidden in the wooden pillar of the Hanging Temple, the end of the handle was painted the same color as the wooden pillar, and over the years, no one could find a murder weapon hidden there. No one knows how long the dagger has been here, and no one knows how long the assassination plan against Emperor Qingguo has been planned. Just look at the patience and careful arrangement, we know that the other side is determined to win-the murder of the king of a country, the most needed is not strength, but determination and courage. At this time, in front of Emperor Qingguo. It was a long sword full of antiquity, but it shocked the world. Behind him, it was an extremely old one. But extremely insidious dagger, there is no chance to turn back! Fan Xian knew that he was facing the most dangerous test since his rebirth, interactive whiteboard prices ,smart interactive whiteboard, which was more terrible than the fight with Begonia in the meadow, but he had no time to lament anything, so he had subconsciously made the right choice, and the black dagger came out and stabbed the other side in the eyes. He knew that he was not an immortal, and that even if Uncle Wuzhu or the four great masters appeared in his position, it would be impossible to repel the assassins in front of him. In the case of saving the life of the third brother, there is still enough time and strength to fight with the swordsman in white who deceives the snow. To help Your Majesty deal with the little eunuch behind him. The little eunuch in the palace had no kungfu, but the extremely old dagger in his hand was the most deadly thing. So he chose to save the three princes first, and then save his majesty, although this choice in hindsight is perverse. But in Fan Xian's eyes, the third prince was only eight years old, still a child. Save people. Nature is to save the little one first. …… The black dagger, like a black snake, pierced the eyebrows of the first assassin. The other party planned this time in great detail. Of course, he knew that Fan Xian's most horrible means was this slender black dagger. It was said that it was the ominous thing that Fei Jie's old monster opened the light himself. The nine-grade assassin dared not neglect it. Half of the straight knife flashed and directly hit the dagger downstairs. He wants to see. Fan Tisi, who is praised by the world as both civil and military, how can he face his own knife when he loses his weapon. When the dagger just flew out of the railing, Fan Xian had already turned around rapidly, hanging his back to the assassin, and in the process of turning around, with a very fast speed that no one could see at all, he picked it up in his hair and waved it back gently. A thin embroidery needle plunged impartially into the outer edge of the assassin's tail finger, only a trace of it, and even a drop of blood seemed impossible to come out. But the assassin is stuffy hum, suddenly feel blood is not smooth, a knife brandished, cut off his tail finger. Looking up, Fan Xian has disappeared. Fan Xian at this time has come to the name of the insufferably arrogant swordsman in white, stopped between him and the emperor, with him, of course, there are three black crossbow arrows and several big Peng has been unable to distinguish the effect, but muddy together must be very lascivious, enough to break the stomach of the poisonous smoke! A large yellow, blue and white smoke spread out in the wooden building on the top floor of the Hanging Temple, which was indescribably strange, just like the occasional fireworks in Kyoto. But the swordsman in white seemed to know Fan Xian's insidious way of fighting very well. He had already avoided the three crossbows and closed his breath. He still went straight with a sword, through thousands of mountains, over thousands of rivers, through smoke, and killed Fan Xian's face. At this time all means are used out of Fan Xian, is blocked in front of the emperor, even if the sword stabbed over, will only be the first to stab Fan Xian's body, even if he is so benevolent and righteous that he is willing to die for the emperor Lao Tzu, can only do this, as for the little eunuch behind your majesty.. Well, please help yourself,temperature check kiosk, Your Majesty. Face to face with a sword! The overbearing True Qi in Fan Xian's body was extremely cruel. At this time, he did not know whether the mind was commanding the True Qi or the True Qi had already controlled the mind. He heard a scream and his palms came out. The True Qi in his body seemed to be compressed into two very solid rocks, which came out through his arms to meet the cold sword.