That's good! Now everyone has their hands on their legs, like me, "Liu Ming said while demonstrating," Yes! Then, the thumb and middle finger of the left hand are next to each other, and the other three fingers are separated! It is what we usually call the orchid finger! Then take the "magic needle" in your right hand. All right, you keep this position! Liu Ming looked around at the movements of the three, nodded with satisfaction, exhaled deeply and said: "Well, you can close your eyes, get ready!"! I'm going to call yuan Hua out! After listening to Liu Ming's words, the three of them immediately closed their eyes tightly, for fear of revealing a ray of light and seeing the horrible picture below. Liu Ming took out a yellow amulet and pressed it with the index finger and middle finger of both hands, muttering in his mouth. Time goes by minute by minute, in a twinkling of an eye has been half an hour, but there is no movement around,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, Liu Ming looked around doubtfully, thinking to himself, "Eh?"? How can there be no response? Is it difficult for yuan Hua to be reincarnated? Well, try again! Liu Ming's heart relaxed a lot, he took out a red spell, put his hands together in his hand, and read the spell again. Half an hour later,smart board whiteboard, the moon was still bright and the waves were not popular. It's almost 12:30. "Well, it looks like I'm going to be reincarnated!"! Now you can rest assured! Liu Ming was secretly pleased. Liu Ming was also a little thirsty, and his legs became a little numb because he had not moved for a long time! He thumped his leg and looked at the other three and thought, "Wow!"! These three people are much better at sitting than me! It hasn't moved for so long! It seems that I am going to worship them as teachers! "You can open your eyes and we can go back!" Liu Ming said as he moved his legs. However, the three people in front of him did not react at all! "I didn't lie to you!"! yuan Hua didn't come, so we can go! Liu Ming raised his voice again and said. Three people still do not move! "No way!"! What's going on here? Liu Ming a little flustered, busy up to the front of Jiang Chenghe, squatted down and patted Jiang Chenghe on the shoulder with his hand. Seung-hyuk! Seung-hyuk! At this time, a burst of even breathing came from Jiang Chenghe's mouth, and then look at the two girls, also sent out even breathing, interactive digital whiteboard ,smart board touch screen, Guo Keer's head and rhythm gently swayed forward, and Zheng Xinyue's "magic needle" has slipped to the leg. Liu Ming almost fainted! I'm working hard to call yuan Hua, but the three guys who have no loyalty are chatting with the Duke of Zhou! "The ghost is coming!" Liu Ming screamed loudly. The ghost is coming? Where? Where Jiang Chenghe woke up with a start and hurriedly picked up the "magic needle" and looked around. Who's here? No one! Guo Keer rubbed her eyes and murmured in her mouth. It's so noisy! I'm sleeping soundly! Zheng Xinyue stretched and complained. Please! You three are too disloyal! I've been working hard here chanting incantations, but you've fallen asleep! Liu Ming said angrily. The three of them looked at each other and couldn't help laughing. Oh! How dare you laugh! Liu Ming clasped his hands and pretended to be very angry. Master Liu, you told us to close our eyes. It's cool and quiet here. Your incantation is like a lullaby. How can we resist the temptation of the Duke of Zhou! "Guo Keer laughed as he spoke." That's it! That's it! You didn't bring the Scatter, and we fell asleep because of it, so it's your fault! Jiang Seung-hyuk helped. What? And blame it on me! Say my spell is like a lullaby? I'm so angry! Said Liu Ming with his eyes wide open. Zheng Xinyue covered her mouth beside her and said with a smile, "Monitor, don't be angry!"! Everyone made a mistake today, so we're even! Right? Didn't yuan Hua come out? Or is it already gone? "I didn't come at all!" Liu Ming said lazily. Is it? Does that mean that she was not killed, that she had no resentment, and that she had been reincarnated? Zheng Xinyue said with a little joy. Well, logically speaking, it should be! Liu Ming was still angry in his words. That's great, Kerr! yuan Hua was not killed, she was not wronged! Zheng Xinyue happily pulled Guo Keer's hand and cheered. "Yes!"! Now is the stone in your heart falling to the ground? Guo Keer also said happily, Zheng Xinyue nodded vigorously. Brother! Don't do that! It's spoiling the atmosphere! Give me a smile! Jiang Chenghe laughed and walked past Liu Ming, who was holding a black face. Alas! Defeated by you! You are sleeping soundly! I'm so sleepy! Let's go! Liu Ming breathed helplessly and said. Well, let's go, let's go, I'm going back to chat with the Duke of Zhou! Guo Keer took Zheng Xinyue's hand and said as she walked. Four people with a relaxed mood, quickly left the cloud lake, today everyone must be a dream, because the heart of the stone fell to the ground. Eighteen, blood and tears "Students, everyone is in the classroom after school at noon today. Teacher Ma has something to tell you!" The deputy monitor informed me on the platform before class in the morning. Maybe it's about yuan Hua? "Yes!"! What on earth is the situation? "Well, we'll see." Everyone began to talk about it. Zheng Xinyue, Liu Ming, Guo Keer three people in the heart are very relieved, because last night they already got the answer. After school at noon, everyone sat quietly in the classroom waiting for Mr. Ma's arrival, while secretly speculating, what kind of news will Mr. Ma bring? After a while, Mr. Ma came to the classroom. Everyone's eyes were focused on Mr. Ma's face, hoping to see something first. Everyone noticed that Mr. Ma's eyes were red. Students, the autopsy report of yuan Hua has come out! Teacher Ma paused and continued, "Yes, he killed him!" "What?!" Zheng Xinyue,smartboards in classrooms, Liu Ming and Guo Keer were so shocked that they couldn't believe their ears! How could it be a homicide? Was it not, was it not proved last night? Zheng Xinyue and Guo Keer almost turned their eyes full of surprise and doubt to Liu Ming behind them at the same time, only to see that Liu Ming also drifted out of a look of disbelief and incredible!.