Ghost Catching Peasant

What is your state of mind Could it be that if you splash a little more ink you can continue to wear this skirt Is this the meaning of breaking the pot Huang Xiaolong is not much to say he seized the time quickly picked up the sign on the stage of the brush eyes become extremely focused sharp …………………… Chapter 195 turning decay into magic Impressively Huang Xiaolong picked up the brush and sketched it on the ink on Cui Feiyan's back His movements were like flowing clouds and flowing water like a master of writing and painting A Pesticides few seconds later a few ink marks on Cui Feiyan's back turned into a few stones and a few tender bamboos! Next Huang Xiaolong dipped in ink and drew on the back of Cui Feiyan's skirt The strange stone and the standing bamboo are straight and the bamboo is painted on both sides of the strange stone all of which are inclined with the wind The picture is well arranged The intention of writing bamboo runs through the leaves are mixed the strokes are vigorous and vigorous and the shades of ink echo each other which is very elegant Small bamboos grow under the stone beautiful and lively lively and floating The style is natural and unrestrained and the ink bamboo is wonderful The painting is a bamboo and stone picture of Zheng Banqiao! Huang Xiaolong writes like a God that is 2 or 3 minutes is to complete this bamboo and stone picture! The welcoming lady standing next to him as well as the bodyguard were all staring at the back of Cui Feiyan's skirt At this time a meaningful pattern vivid sitting on the back of the skirt the breeze gently caressed Cui Feiyan skirt rolled up so that the back of the bamboo and stone are moving up it is lifelike A grand evening dress but it is more antique flavor! Gives the human one kind of national clothing the style also gives the human one kind of alternative fashion fresh nifty flavor! But Cui Feiyan this kind of melon seed face the stature slender best quality beautiful woman matches this kind of style the skirt is simply the celestial clothes seam! All of a sudden it seems that Cui Feiyan's whole person exudes a kind of gentle and pleasant temperament of Jiangnan girls If you give her another oil-paper umbrella it will be simply beautiful! An evening dress stained by ink and almost scrapped in this way Huang Xiaolong turned decay into magic gave new life and turned into a dress that can absolutely win prizes at the International Fashion Festival with unique style and aesthetic style! "So beautiful" Really This is so beautiful This dress It's like a work of art It's so beautiful A cheongsam dress greets the guest young lady unexpectedly sent out the sound of dream talk then with a kind of eyes full of worship and love looked at Huang Xiaolong "Sir you …" You are so talented you You must be a top Chinese painting master and a top fashion designer In fact Huang Xiaolong has already got the true biography of Zheng Banqiao The bamboo and stone picture he painted on Cui Feiyan's skirt is at least 90% similar to the authentic one in terms of style and charm GlobalChemMall It can be said that it is false and true Xiaolong You What the hell did you do Cui Feiyan was very confused but when he saw the shocked eyes of the welcoming ladies Cui Feiyan felt a little surprise in his heart 'Did Xiaolong really help me solve this problem ' "Feiyan it's too late to explain Let's go in first" Huang Xiaolong took Cui Feiyan's hand and ran directly to the banquet hall "Attend the banquet well Wait a minute I'll help you teach the bad woman surnamed Liu a lesson And That Sun Feng The banquet hall! Magnificent! Splendid! The walls the ceiling are made of crystal shining with the rich light and the floor is of excellent quality extremely expensive marble The decoration is really the best among the five-star hotels in Binhai There is ingenuity everywhere And everywhere in the hall at this time is already three or five groups full of all kinds of well-dressed men and women These people are all the top upper-class people in Binhai The charity auction hasn't started yet and it's time for meals and for all kinds of people to make friends Often at this Pesticide Adjuvants time a few words can decide a big contract a big business! Reception is a buffet form Huang Xiaolong and Cui Feiyan did not eat dinner he quickly pulled Cui Feiyan grabbed two plates handed Cui Feiyan a glance eyes around "Flying smoke!"! There are big lobsters over there! This is very delicious! I've eaten at the Tianzi Hotel before and it's so delicious! Come on let's eat lobster! "Poof Little Dragon …" You You always make such a fuss All right eat lobster eat lobster and be gentle Cui Feiyan doesn't know whether to laugh or cry However she hung a heart has been completely put down After she entered the banquet hall no one laughed at the clothes she wore On the contrary many women looked at the back of her skirt with a very amazing and envious look I don't know what Xiaolong did on my back Wait a minute Let him take a picture to show me Cui Feiyan is suspicious Huang Xiaolong has taken the menu rushed to a big lobster table a big lobster into the plate He is really not polite at all It's you again! Just as Huang Xiaolong was preparing to eat a resentful man's voice floated in Ah Huang Xiaolong looked up Zhu Ting! It's Zhu Ting again! See Zhu Ting dressed in a very luxurious clothes dress is also very handsome but his face is gloomy enough to drip water He looked at Huang Xiaolong's eyes full of resentment speculation jealousy Just an hour ago Zhu Ting's goddess Sun Wei threw herself at Huang Xiaolong This makes Zhu Ting simply can not believe also do not want to accept he even suspected that he just had a dream Beside Zhu Ting there are several well-dressed men and women who are also students of Binhai University They have deep family backgrounds and are qualified to participate in such grand events with their elders You You Why did you get in Do you have an invitation Impossible! The Shu family can't send you an invitation! You must have snuck in! I'm going to have security escort you out of here! Break your dog's leg! Zhu Ting roared ferociously at Huang Xiaolong