"I went to a Japanese hot spring hotel with a local tyrant. Su Heng was there too. There were other women around him. I knew you wouldn't believe me, so I took pictures of them with my mobile phone." Xu Ning looked at her sympathetically. Xia Cheng trembled and looked at her cell phone. She knew both of the two people in the picture. yuan Li wore a bathrobe and hooked Su Heng's hand affectionately. She smiled so happily. Xia Cheng did not expect that they would join hands to deceive her. The little clues, all linked together, turned into an invisible wound, the skin and flesh were broken, the tendons and bones were broken, and the blood gushed out. Her tears flowed down at the first time, like the rain outside, endless and unstoppable. How long has she been deceived? Did they go behind her back and make fun of her for being so stupid? Trust and love turned out to be only an illusion. Her happiness was a pavilion built on reeds. When the wind came, it was blown down to the ground and smashed into powder. When the heartache was beyond measure, if she didn't cry loudly, she should at least cry out, but she didn't want to, she couldn't. The blood vessels of Xia Cheng's whole body seemed to stagnate and could no longer flow. The remaining air in her lungs was squeezed out and compressed into one piece. All the alveoli seemed to be broken in this moment. She could not even breathe. Xu Ning changed his position and sat next to Xia Cheng, only to find that she was trembling and shaking all the time. With a bang, Xia Cheng accidentally knocked over the cup. She suddenly shrank into a ball,collapsible pallet box, like an abandoned child. When she finally saw the person she knew, she held the person's hand tightly and sobbed. All the people in the coffee shop turned their heads and looked at her. There were so many eyes. It was really frightening. There were still voices around, the rain outside continued to fall, but Xia Cheng could not hear anything, she could not hear, the world seemed to turn its back on her,collapsible pallet bin, she was isolated in a glass cover, laughed at by those who looked at her. She was at a loss and wanted to disappear and not have to face those terrible people again. (Now) Like an audience, quietly watching the past scenes of the past, Xia Cheng could not help but feel sad for himself at that time. Many people think that lovelorn or divorced, the most difficult thing to bear is the humiliation and unbearable betrayal. No, no, the most difficult thing is actually the barrier in my heart, which is a very strong feeling of self-denial. Is she not good enough? That's why the other half didn't choose her, or did she do something wrong? That's why it leads to the failure of the relationship. But now, she knew that it was not necessary. Why punish yourself for other people's mistakes? What she should do most is to put down her reluctance, stay away from the people who hurt her, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet manufacturer, and rebuild her confidence. It's easy to say, but she didn't understand these principles until she was reborn. It was so stupid that it took her such a long time to think clearly about something that others could think for months or years. Xia Cheng slept until midnight and suddenly woke up. She opened her eyes slightly, only to find old Su Heng sitting quietly beside her. Had she not been accustomed to his existence, she might have been frightened to death by him. He reached out and stroked her eyebrows, eyes, nose and lips in the darkness. Old Su Heng could not touch her at all, and Xia Cheng could not understand why he did so. She frowned. "Is that enough?"? I'm already awake. "I know." Then why don't you go away! Don't disturb my sleep. Emotions in dreams are unconsciously brought to reality. Old Su Heng sat down for a while and stood up silently. Xia Cheng said, "I don't want you to stay with me all the time. You can leave. If it's because of guilt, it's enough for you to stay with me for so many years. You don't owe me anything anymore." Old Su Heng smiled bitterly. "Do you mean to drive me away?" Chapter 61 exorcism. Xia Cheng nodded, "I have my own life to live, and I am old enough, do not need you to follow me all day." She really didn't want to have a pair of eyes around her all the time, peeping at her every move. Xia Cheng thought that driving old Su Heng away this time would be as simple as when Le Jianming was in the past. Unfortunately, she was wrong. She didn't expect him to be such a rascal. "Do you think I don't know what's on your mind?" Old Su Heng's expression suddenly became ferocious. Xia Cheng has a bad feeling, "even if I want to do something, it is my own business, you do not have to manage." Old Su Heng stared at her, "I can't watch you do something wrong and ignore it." Xia Cheng understood what he said, and her face turned red in an instant, not because she was shy, but because she was very angry, "You are so despicable!" "Yes, that's the kind of person I am. It's not too late for you to know." Old Su Heng smiled coldly, "Chengcheng, although you are affectionate with Lu Zhiyuan, I don't care at all, but you will care, right?"? You don't want to sleep with him with me watching. Xia Cheng was so angry that she could hardly speak. She picked up what she could throw around her and threw it at him. "Get out, get out!"! You make me sick, and I don't want to see you again! Old Su Heng walked slowly to the door and said lightly, "It doesn't matter if you blame me or hate me. But I am really good for you. Lu Zhiyuan is not a good man. You are so confused by him that you will feel that I deliberately make things difficult for you. Later you will thank me and stop you from doing stupid things." Xia Cheng covered her head with a quilt. She couldn't stand the old Su Heng's self-conceit. Maybe she should go to find a Taoist priest to accept him. She is a person who means what she says. Very not easy from the mouth of others, to find out a sorceress who knows how to exorcise ghosts, Xia Cheng also specially took out a day, specially drove an hour to the meeting place. Of course, she didn't dare to mention it to her parents, and she kept doing it secretly. Old Su Heng clearly knew what she was up to, but he didn't take it seriously. He only said lightly,plastic pallet crates, "You have to be careful. There are so many magic stick cheaters now. It's a trivial matter to be cheated of money. It's bad for people to be cheated." Xia Cheng gnashed his teeth and said, "Shut your mouth, I don't want to hear it!" 。 binpallet.com