Speaking of this, Rui Xuan should understand, but she turned to Lin Xiaoguai with a face of "you don't know good people", "I'm not as useless as you, even this kind of stuff can't be cleaned up." Her expression was short of saying, "Get out of Mrs. Shen's seat and let me do it.". Lin Xiaoguai did not know what expression he should make. Finally, he twitched at the corners of his mouth and said, "Miss Rui's kindness should be left to her family." The people around couldn't help laughing when they heard this, but few people could stand such good intentions. What is this? Suddenly, Shen Chi's voice came from outside the crowd. Lin Xiaoguai was stunned, and before he could react, he was already in his arms. She's a little uncomfortable. What do people think of her like this? When she lowered her head, she found that she was wearing a woolen overcoat, which she had planned to wear when the weather was cold, but now, although it was just autumn, the temperature was very low at night, which was very suitable for keeping out the cold. But she didn't bring this coat today, presumably Shen Chi brought it specially. Thinking of this, her eyes were dizzy with a faint warmth. Shen Chi glanced at Liu Yuzhi and Dong Fei and said to Zheng Cuicui, "What's the matter, sister-in-law?" He had intended to wait outside, but when he heard the noise at the door and faintly heard the voice of Wan Wan, he came to see it with worry, but did not want to see the two men. Chapter 48 Noodles in Chicken Soup. Hearing Shen Chi's name for Zheng Cuicui, everyone looked at him. The young master of the Han family, who had only heard his name but not his name, had long been curious about the upper class of the capital. Now that he saw his own,deep draw stamping, he would naturally pay attention to one or two. A low voice of conversation came from the crowd. Zheng Cuicui pursed her lips and whispered, "The old lady received an invitation to celebrate her birthday, but she was stopped at the door." Following her eyes, Shen Chi cast his eyes on Rui Xuan. Seeing him looking over, Rui Xuan became excited and said softly with red cheeks, "Do you still remember me?"? Last time.. Before he had finished speaking, Shen Chi's eyes had already moved away. He naturally stroked the hair in his ear for Lin Xiaoguai and asked softly, "Shall we go back?" Just as Lin was about to open his mouth, Rui Ying stepped forward and said, "Now that Colonel Shen is here, why don't you do me the honor of being a guest?" She could not decide whether to call Master Han or Master Shen, and finally chose the safer title of Colonel Shen. Rui Xuan did this kind of thing without authorization, and she hated it so much that she had to clean up the mess for her. Shen Chi has the Han family behind him, and he is capable, so let him go back, car radiator cap ,die casting parts, even if the two sides are not enemies, in the eyes of others is not this taste. Shen Chi did not answer, but looked down at Lin Xiaoguai, "Wan Wan?" Rui Ying was a little nervous. Lin Xiaoguai said with a faint smile, "After all, it's the elder's birthday. We younger generations should give face." Rui Ying's concern she also has, the enemy can be less one is one. All right, listen to you. Shen Chi said with a spoiled face. People will see this picture in the eyes, the importance of Lin Xiaoguai rose to the highest, look like this, this rural Mrs. Shen not only has excellent conditions. She also won her husband's heart. In this way, Shen Chi's goal has been achieved. Entering the banquet hall, Shen Chi handed Lin Xiaoguai's overcoat to the waiter beside him. He looked at Rui Ying and said, "Can you take us to see the old man?" Now that he's here, there are some things that Lin Xiaoguai can't do for them. Of course Rui Ying was stunned and answered. The young master of the Han family who lived outside did not seem to have grown up in a small place at all. This kind of thing that only people in the circle know is also clear. Looking at his appearance and bearing, Rui Ying sighed. No wonder Rui Xuan was so attentive this time. Is sister-in-law with you? Shen Chi bent his arm to let Lin Xiaoguai pull it up and looked sideways at Zheng Cuicui. Zheng Cuicui was stunned and then said with a smile, "Well, I haven't seen the old man for some days." A group of people went to the second floor. Shen Chi turned to Zheng Cuicui and asked, "Aren't you coming today?" "I was going to come later, but something happened to the army and I couldn't leave." Zheng Cuicui said helplessly. Although Han Shouxin is now a major general, he has also received the attention and training of several leaders above, but because of this. I have no personal time at all, and I will think of him when I meet something that I think can exercise people. Therefore, Zheng Cuicui has not appeared in this kind of banquet scene these years, after all, without her husband, it is not a pleasant thing to be with Liu Yuzhi and Dong Fei. Grandpa Rui Ying took them to the living room on the second floor, where several older men were drinking tea and saying this. Yingying, why are you here? Isn't it nine o'clock yet? Because at this kind of birthday party, the hero usually comes out at nine o'clock. Neither too early nor too late. Out of politeness, guests who want to go back early should stay until nine o'clock. Mr. Rui, who spoke, was of medium height and had some gray hair. He was in good spirits and had a smile on his face all the time. Grandpa, I brought Colonel Shen and others to see you. Rui Ying smiled. Colonel Shen? Who's that? Hearing this, Mr. Rui was puzzled at first, and when he saw Zheng Cuicui, the eldest daughter-in-law of the Han family, he immediately knew. Is it Comrade Fangwei's youngest son? It was Rui Ying's turn to be stunned. She didn't know who Comrade Fangwei was in Grandpa's mouth. The old man's eyes are like torches. This is the brother-in-law I just got back. Bring him here to give the old man a hand. Zheng Cuicui was the first to react and answered. Rui Ying suddenly, it seems that Comrade Fangwei in Grandpa's mouth is her cousin's mother-in-law. No, no, no. "Comrade Fangwei's sons and daughters are all good," said Mr. Rui with a happy look on his face. "How can I use my palm?" He looked at Shen Chi and immediately took a breath and said, "Drink-it's the same mold as Comrade Han." "The old man is good." In front of the elders, Shen Chi rarely obeyed two points, and his momentum was somewhat restrained. All right, all right,DIN screw plug, no worse than your brother and sister. Mr. Rui said as he looked at his old friend next to him, "don't you think so?" "Indeed, I can't forget the elegance of Comrade Fangwei in those years." A short and fat old man smiled. autoparts-dx.com