The twinkling of an eye is a year, a year later, Lin Mo's life is more than a Xuan yuan Yao. Xuanyuan Yao has gained greater freedom since he left the palace to build a mansion. So without saying a word, he came to Lin Mo with a burden on his back. In addition to Xuanyuan Yao, the following is the small Q pull timeline. With a crash, it was two years later. Lin Mo, who had been a county magistrate for three years, suddenly said when Xuanyuan brocade was having dinner, 'It's been several years since the number one scholar was sent out, right? Let him come back to Korea. ' As a result, Lin Mo began to pack clothes, bags leisurely to go on the road. The day Lin Mo left, the people of the county also played a trick with him to send his parents thousands of miles away, which was a touching thing. Emphasize that, especially in the majority of women! Looking at the place where he had stayed for several years slowly away from his eyes, Xuanyuan Yao was somewhat sad. Over the past few years in Lin Mo used to turn around, Xuanyuan Yao also from the original look at the beauty into is to see you, and your appearance has nothing to do with such an idea. In Lin Mo's words, "Oh, the ideological awareness has been raised so much." Are you really going back? Xuanyuan Yao was not in high spirits, and he felt that it would be good for him and Lin Mo to stay in this small county for a lifetime. Free, much happier. Lin Mo sat firmly in the carriage, ignoring Xuanyuan Yao's muttering. Compared with three years ago, his appearance has not changed much. Years of wind and frost seem to give him special treatment and never stay on him too much. Lin Mo ignored Xuanyuan Yao, and after a long time, Xuanyuan Yao shut up. After the silence went down,pumpkin seed extract, Xuanyuan Yao held his chin in boredom, and his eyes began to roll around Lin Mo. Elegant and handsome appearance, slender and straight posture, cold eyebrows and eyes, but unexpectedly soft and tender eyes, the warmth of smiling.. In this world How can there be such a beautiful person. Xu is Xuanyuan Yao's eyes are too warm, Lin Mo secretly rolled his eyes, but he closed his eyes and went to rest. In the evening or so, Lin Mo,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, who had changed from resting with his eyes closed to really sleeping, slowly opened his eyes and looked up to see Xuanyuan Yao's wanton and somewhat evil face. Of course, the cheap look on his face now has ruined his face! Raise your hand and hit it with your fist without hesitation. Xuanyuan Yao's flexible sideways flash, then the back of his head hit the roof of the carriage with a bang, and suddenly a scream came from his mouth. Beauty, you are so cruel. I just saw you sleeping soundly and wanted to carry you out of the carriage. At this moment, the curtain of the car was pulled open with a crash. Ah Tong opened his mouth and said, "Xuanyuan Yao, can you be quiet?" Xuanyuan Yao is familiar with them, there is no dignity on the body, so a Tong is not afraid of him, but everywhere and Xuanyuan Yao. But Xuanyuan Yao also likes this mode of getting along, if it is the same as in the palace, he will not like it. After a night's rest, he ignored Xuanyuan Yao's automatic bed climbing behavior at night, and then was kicked to the ground by Lin Mo. The next day, the three of them went on their way in a friendly way. Seven or eight days later, the three of them finally arrived at the imperial capital. After a day's repair, ghana seed extract ,carnosic acid price, Lin Mo slipped away to see Xuanyuan brocade. As for Xuanyuan Yao, his mother and concubine, who had not visited him for many days, also went to the back court to pay their respects. Lin Mo saw that Xuanyuan brocade had nothing to say, but he saw another person, that is, Han Xiaoyu. Rub, the child is really born, is a boy, long to be very carved. A pair of round eyes looked at Lin Mo curiously, and then seemed shy, but hid in the arms of Han Xiaoyu. After this incident, Lin Mo's position under the buttocks changed again and again, and in the next few years, he was also one of the senior officials in the court. Looking back, many people understand that no wonder the emperor was sent directly to the outside by the champion at that time, which was a training. Did not see others endure a little seniority, then the rising speed is even more like a rocket. In the days of being an official in the court, Lin Mo behaved very well. Do not take the initiative to make friends with ministers, of course, people take the initiative to make friends with him. Do not take the initiative to join any faction of princes to seize the throne, of course, the four princes pestered him to another count. Because everyone sees in the eye, four princes this thing is to want to chase after others. As time went by, Lin Mo became more and more valued by Xuanyuan brocade. In order not to be seen by Xuanyuan brocade, Lin Mo will control some of his small habits very well. Occasionally, Xuanyuan brocade would show some confusion, but it would soon be forgotten by himself. After all, Lin Mo's performance is too different from that of number two and Xuanyuan Batian. Apart from eating, there is no imagination. Sometimes Xuanyuan Jin also felt that there was something wrong with him. Over the years, he had recognized others as number two many times. But in the end, I always find that it is not that person. Finally, he also gradually realized that perhaps Batian is not number two, but he missed too much, so that he lost his heart and covered his eyes. In this world, how can there be the so-called reincarnation, the so-called ghost possession. Chapter 25 Three Weeks: On How to Reasonably Usurp the Throne Today the weather is just right, Lin Mo has nothing to do, under the name of Xuanyuan Yao, very smoothly into the palace. He calculated the route, found the angle, and then began his handsome journey. At noon, just after the meal, Lin Mo saw a little fart child staggering over. The child was not followed by a palace man, but the luxurious prince's clothes could make people understand at a glance what the identity of the man was. This child is Han Xiaoyu's only son, Xuanyuan Hao, five and a half years old this year. Now the child is also going to experience enlightenment education in the study, but there is a lunch break at noon. This Xuanyuan Hao refused to rest, and seven out of ten times he liked to come here to play alone. Today, however, it was obviously beyond his expectation, and the small lake would not be seen at all. But now, there is a fairy standing silently aside. In Xuanyuan Hao's young heart, he did not have enough words to describe the scene he saw. He just thought he was beautiful, so beautiful that he was willing to share his secret base with each other. But many years later, when he grew up,stesweet stevia, he said to others, "In my life, I have seen a person that I have never forgotten in my life." 。