They're men, too. I've had women. Naturally, they knew very well how strong the stimulus Tang San was facing. They asked themselves how they could not possibly hold out under such circumstances. Not to mention that Tang San is still a virgin. Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing have blushed, closed their eyes and dare not look again, at this moment, they have even neglected to pray for Tang San. Xiaowu's eyes became dull, tears slowly fell down her face, although she did not say anything, but she could not breathe with heartache. Watching Tang San being entangled by another woman's body, even if it was only a fantasy, she could not accept it. Brother, are you really so. At this time, Xiaowu only felt a burst of weakness, she could help Tang San when he was facing a life crisis, but, in the face of the scene, as a girl, she could not do anything. However, at the next moment, Dai Mubai, Oscar and Ma Hongjun all stared at the scene of the inheritance. Tang San still stood there quietly, he did not move, but his eyes, which had become hot, suddenly became cold. A word came out of his mouth coldly. Fuck off Entangled in Tang San's body,plastic laminated tube, Qianren Xuejiao trembled violently and stopped her movements. Tears welled up from her eyes. She looked up at Tang San and said sadly, "Why?" Tang San said lightly, "because you are not her.". My body only belongs to Xiaowu. In an instant, the body of Qianren Snow turned into a golden flame and suddenly exploded, burning in front of Tang San, burning out the illusion and everything in front of him. Yes, carnal desire is a very sad pass for men, but when the illusion appeared, when Tang San looked at the living palace,tube lip gloss, he silently said four words in his heart. Even when he was looking at the beast's blood boiling in the living spring palace, these four words always permeated his heart. At the last moment, it was these four words that brought his heart back. Tang San's silent recitation was the four words that Xiaowu had passed on to him before. That's not me. Yes, the snow is not a small dance, it is not their own love. No matter how strong it is, it can't compare with Tang San's love for Xiaowu. At the last moment, he suddenly woke up and pulled himself back from it. Apart from Xiaowu, there are only four words that any woman can get from Tang San. Lang's heart is like iron. In Poseidon Mountain and Poseidon Temple, Xiaowu cried. Her heart trembled, and so did her soul. Murmured in his mouth just repeated a word, "Brother." Brother.. The scene returned to normal, on the seventh circular platform, the left arm bone floated on it, moistened by the golden waves, and turned into the figure of the Titan ape, which was much smaller, but at this time the Titan ape turned completely golden. Looking at Tang San, plastic packing tube ,plastic cosmetic tubes, there was only gentleness in his eyes. With a dark sigh in his heart, Tang San finally understood why Qianren Snow would be so tolerant at the beginning of his pursuit. If I am not wrong, what I have seen before should be true. When Qianrenxue was carrying out the inheritance, there was a scene of intercourse with herself in her consciousness. Moreover, since she had become a God, that scene should have helped her to become a God. No wonder she was so tolerant of herself. Seven of the eight passes have been passed. Tang San wiped his right hand directly from the Ruyi treasure bag, and the soft and elastic whale bead had already appeared in his grasp. He did not forget what Poseidon had said to him. If he wanted to pass the eighth level, the whale beads would play an unexpected role. At this point, a faint smile appeared on Tang San's face. Joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, evil, desire, seven emotions are too, if not the heart of the sea God is damaged, he should have completed the inheritance of the sea God. And the last step I have to do in front of me, and the one I want to do most, is to reawaken the power of the Trident of Poseidon. The eighth platform floated in front of Tang San, and at the same time, the dark trident of Poseidon floated over. The trident of Poseidon still looked so full of deep breath, only the hole in the middle made Tang San feel a dull pain in his heart. Carefully pressed the soft whale beads, Tang San took off the twenty-four bridge moonlight night on his waist, poured out the whale brain with as much as one cubic meter without reservation, grabbed a piece first, and glued the deformed whale beads that had been squeezed by the trident hole of Poseidon there. Then he slowly inserted the trident of Poseidon on top of the pile of whale brains. Zhan ran blue light from Tang San's forehead Poseidon trident branding place electric shot out, strong blue light shining on the Poseidon trident, unreserved release of mental power, without any skill, Tang San just looked at the Poseidian trident calmly, so constantly release their own Poseidion light. In his heart, there is only the call of piety. Come back, my partner. Even if it is to give all my strength, I will find you. Update the fastest. 1。 6。 K。” The light of Poseidon was released more and more strongly, and the dark trident of Poseidon had been wrapped in blue. As if by the influence of the light of Poseidon, the whale brain from the deep sea magic whale king gradually turned blue, slowly, bit by bit into the trident of Poseidon. The whale bead, also under the fusion of the blue whale brain, was really embedded in the hole, slowly absorbing the light of the sea God from Tang San. The process became very long, and the golden ocean around the platform became calm, without waves, like an endless golden lake. No matter how strong the mental strength is, it is limited after all, not to mention that Tang San consumed so much when he passed the examination of seven emotions. Gradually, his mental strength has been close to exhaustion, and even some overdraft. However, Tang San is still repeating the output of the light of Poseidon, the whole body, the only change may be the eyes, from the previous calm, into a firm. What he said to Poseidon Trident just now is a man's promise. So much suffering has come,custom cosmetic packaging, and at this last moment, no matter what, Tang San will not give up.