"That's good." The cold moon patted Alice's face and moved to Yasuna's side again. She raised her hand and pressed it on her forehead. A bloody evil spirit shot into Yasuna's body from his hand. In addition to providing the most basic energy needed for Yasuna's daily life, it also imprisoned her consciousness, making it impossible for her to commit suicide. She could only live blindly forever. Partially speaking, Yasuna's body has been transformed by the cold moon, with some of the characteristics of the necromancers, as long as there is no accident, naturally can not die. After finishing all this, the cold moon teleported back to the place where she stood at first and said to the brothel owner, "This bitch, I give it to you for free, but you have to promise me that you can't give her food every day, let others *** her all the time, and let her rest. Even if no guests come, you have to give it to me forever.". First of all, she can't die. I put a ban on her. If you disobey what I just said, I will know. If you dare to disobey what I said, this is your fate. The cold moon said mercilessly, spurting out a mouthful of Tianluo blood, splitting out part of the unknown immortal stone of the blood Brahma coffin and hitting the street,mobile garbage bin, making a bottomless pit with a radius of nearly 100 meters in the street. Looking at the magnificent scene in front of them, the brothel owner and the thugs took a few deep breaths of cold air. If this hit their brothel, not only the people inside, but also the earth materials that built the brothel would disappear from the air. Satisfied with the shock of the brothel owner and these thugs, the cold moon pinched the law and decided to put the blood dragon queen Alice back into the blood Brahma coffin, and then threw Yasuna into the brothel owner who had already stepped down from the "tent" higher and higher, and then put the blood Brahma coffin into his body and spread his wings to fly into the sky. Be sure to deal with this bitch as I say,plastic pallet manufacturer, and I'll keep an eye on you here. The voice did not fall, the cold moon has disappeared without a trace, leaving a face of shocked thugs and blood rushed down the brothel owner. After confirming the disappearance of the cold moon, the brothel owner rushed to his room with Yasuna in his arms, and then punished the weak Yasuna on the bed. But in the high altitude, the cold moon's divine consciousness is observing the brothel boss and the numerous goons in turn Yasuna's entire process. After confirming that Yasuna was living the "beautiful" life she had arranged for her, Lengyue sent out a communication in her heart, asking the remnant blood Yang to roll back and go with her to find out the whereabouts of the twins, Karot and Karowei. Looked to fly to his side, the corner of the mouth is still residual blood Yang, cold moon without any emotion asked: "full?" Listening to the words of the cold moon, the remnant blood Yang heart suddenly a burst of hair, before sucking blood, plastic pallet bin ,plastic pallet box, the cold moon said not to force him, how now it sounds like he is angry. However, although in the heart is beating the drum, the remnant blood Yang still respectfully "graciousness". Now that you are full, wipe the blood for me. If you go out like this, anyone who sees you will want to be beaten. Besides, there is no need to be so respectful to me in the future. You are the guy who saved me. We treat each other equally. You can call me master. When you get to the earth, I will arrange for you to be with another descendant of mine. He has the skills suitable for you to practice. Looking at the remnant blood Yang, the cold moon said with a smile, now he has avenged, the bad luck is over, the ban has been untied, and the fun mood has been restored. Canxueyang reached out to wipe the blood from the corners of his mouth and smiled happily. He really didn't see the wrong person. He sacrificed the whole family. He had a little regret. At this moment, he felt it was worth it. Come on, help me find two silings, these two silings. Leng Yue told the story of Karot and Karowe to Canxueyang and asked him to help him find it together. The Joyasrit Empire is also a spiritual country, which is in line with the Keremans Empire, and its national strength and territory are comparable to those of the Keremans Empire. Therefore, the two countries often fought for the land ownership of each other. Sea Blue City was the great seaside city of the Joyasrit Empire. Half of the city was built on the sea. The scenery was extremely beautiful, so it was classified as the dependency of Kojilas, the brother of Joyasrit's emperor. Kojilas is forty-one years old this year, and it is the stage when Siling has stepped from youth to youth. In the prison of the Lord of Hailan City, an unfortunate soul was tied to a wheel card, and his lower body was immersed in the sea. Beside him, a jailer was talking to him. Master Carrot, why do you bother? If your sister, Miss Caroline, is willing to marry Wang Ye, won't you be Wang Ye's brother-in-law? It's better than being in prison here now. Said the gaoler, with a sullen face. My sister, how is she? Although he was tied up, Carrot said with a fierce look. Wang Ye promised her that as long as she got married, Wang Ye would let you go. She has promised now. In three days, it will be a good day for her to marry Wang Ye. Said the gaoler cheerfully, as if he were the one to be married in three days. Mean Carrot spat on the jailer's face and said angrily through clenched teeth. After being spat, the jailer was not angry. He reached out his hand to wipe the saliva from his face and said with a smile, "In three days, Wang Yeh will get married, and the whole city will celebrate together. Those of us who eat public meals will all get bonuses, hehe." "I will never let my sister marry that despicable soul. Let me go. I'm going to kill him. I'm going to kill him!" Carrot struggled hard, hoping to drag the iron locks that bound his hands and feet, but still failed. I'm sorry. Not only did you not win the prize,collapsible pallet box, but now you're going to die. A voice sounded in the cell and startled the jailer to look around. The voice just now sounded as if it had come from all directions, and the jailer could not guess from the sound where the master was hiding. Who? Who's talking? Come out if you can. Don't pretend to scare me. Cried the jailer, looking around in horror. cnplasticpallet.com